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This directory contains files to build an AIX native (installp or SMIT
installable) openssh package.
(optional) create config.local in your build dir
./configure [options]
The file config.local or the environment is read to set the following options
(default first):
The contents of this directory are based on Ben Lindstrom's Solaris Ben also supplied
Jim Abbey's (GPL'ed) lppbuild-2.1 was used to learn how to build .bff's
and for comparison with the output from this script, however no code
from lppbuild is included and it is not required for operation.
SRC support based on examples provided by Sandor Sklar and Maarten Kreuger.
PrivSep account handling fixes contributed by W. Earl Allen.
Other notes:
The script treats all packages as USR packages (not ROOT+USR when
appropriate). It seems to work, though......
If there are any patches to this that have not yet been integrated they
may be found at
It is hoped that it is useful but there is no warranty. If it breaks
you get to keep both pieces.
- Darren Tucker (dtucker at zip dot com dot au)
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