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Friday April 3, 2011.
Summary for 4.3.0 tcpdump release
fixes for forces: SPARSE data (per RFC 5810)
some more test cases added
updates to documentation on -l, -U and -w flags.
Fix printing of BGP optional headers.
Tried to include DLT_PFSYNC support, failed due to headers required.
added TIPC support.
Fix LLDP Network Policy bit definitions.
fixes for IGMPv3's Max Response Time: it is in units of 0.1 second.
SIGUSR1 can be used rather than SIGINFO for stats
permit -n flag to affect print-ip for protocol numbers
ND_OPT_ADVINTERVAL is in milliseconds, not seconds
Teach PPPoE parser about RFC 4638
Friday December 9, 2011.
Summary for 4.2.1 tcpdump release
Only build the Babel printer if IPv6 is enabled.
Support Babel on port 6696 as well as 6697.
Include ppi.h in release tarball.
Include all the test files in the release tarball, and don't
"include" test files that no longer exist.
Don't assume we have <rpc/rpc.h> - check for it.
Support "-T carp" as a way of dissecting IP protocol 112 as CARP
rather than VRRP.
Support Hilscher NetAnalyzer link-layer header format.
Constify some pointers and fix compiler warnings.
Get rid of never-true test.
Fix an unintended fall-through in a case statement in the ARP
Fix several cases where sizeof(sizeof(XXX)) was used when just
sizeof(XXX) was intended.
Make stricter sanity checks in the ES-IS printer.
Get rid of some GCCisms that caused builds to fai with compilers
that don't support them.
Fix typo in man page.
Added length checks to Babel printer.
Sunday July 24, 2011.
Summary for 4.2.+
merged 802.15.4 decoder from Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov <dbaryshkov
at gmail dot com>
updates to forces for new port numbers
Use "-H", not "-h", for the 802.11s option. (-h always help)
Better ICMPv6 checksum handling.
add support for the RPKI/Router Protocol, per -ietf-sidr-rpki-rtr-12
get rid of uuencoded pcap test files, git can do binary.
sFlow changes for 64-bit counters.
fixes for PPI packet header handling and printing.
Add DCB Exchange protocol (DCBX) version 1.01.
Babel dissector, from Juliusz Chroboczek and Grégoire Henry.
improvements to radiotap for rate values > 127.
Many improvements to ForCES decode, including fix SCTP TML port
updated RPL type code to RPL-17 draft
Improve printout of DHCPv6 options.
added support and test case for QinQ (802.1q VLAN) packets
Handle DLT_IEEE802_15_4_NOFCS like DLT_IEEE802_15_4.
Build fixes for Sparc and other machines with alignment restrictions.
Merged changes from Debian package.
PGM: Add ACK decoding and add PGMCC DATA and FEEDBACK options.
Build fixes for OSX (Snow Leopard and others)
Add support for IEEE 802.15.4 packets
Tue. July 20, 2010.
Summary for 4.1.2 tcpdump release
If -U is specified, flush the file after creating it, so it's
not zero-length
Fix TCP flags output description, and some typoes, in the man
Add a -h flag, and only attempt to recognize 802.11s mesh
headers if it's set
When printing the link-layer type list, send *all* output to
Include the CFLAGS setting when configure was run in the
compiler flags
Thu. April 1, 2010.
Summary for 4.1.1 tcpdump release
Fix build on systems with PF, such as FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
Don't blow up if a zero-length link-layer address is passed to
Thu. March 11, 2010.
Summary for 4.1.0 tcpdump release
Fix printing of MAC addresses for VLAN frames with a length
Add some additional bounds checks and use the EXTRACT_ macros
Add a -b flag to print the AS number in BGP packets in ASDOT
notation rather than ASPLAIN notation
Add ICMPv6 RFC 5006 support
Decode the access flags in NFS access requests
Handle the new DLT_ for memory-mapped USB captures on Linux
Make the default snapshot (-s) the maximum
Print name of device (when -L is used)
Support for OpenSolaris (and SXCE build 125 and later)
Print new TCP flags
Add support for RPL DIO
Add support for TCP User Timeout (UTO)
Add support for non-standard Ethertypes used by 3com PPPoE gear
Add support for 802.11n and 802.11s
Add support for Transparent Ethernet Bridge ethertype in GRE
Add 4 byte AS support for BGP printer
Add support for the MDT SAFI 66 BG printer
Add basic IPv6 support to print-olsr
Add USB printer
Add printer for ForCES
Handle frames with an FCS
Handle 802.11n Control Wrapper, Block Acq Req and Block Ack frames
Fix TCP sequence number printing
Report 802.2 packets as 802.2 instead of 802.3
Don't include -L/usr/lib in LDFLAGS
On x86_64 Linux, look in lib64 directory too
Lots of code clean ups
Autoconf clean ups
Update testcases to make output changes
Fix compiling with/out smi (--with{,out}-smi)
Fix compiling without IPv6 support (--disable-ipv6)
Mon. October 27, 2008. Summary for 4.0.0 tcpdump release
Add support for Bluetooth Sniffing
Add support for Realtek Remote Control Protocol (
Add support for 802.11 AVS
Add support for SMB over TCP
Add support for 4 byte BGP AS printing
Add support for compiling on case-insensitive file systems
Add support for ikev2 printing
Update support for decoding AFS
Update DHCPv6 printer
Use newer libpcap API's (allows -B option on all platforms)
Add -I to turn on monitor mode
Bugfixes in lldp, lspping, dccp, ESP, NFS printers
Cleanup unused files and various cruft
Mon. September 10, 2007. Summary for 3.9.8 tcpdump release
Rework ARP printer
Rework OSPFv3 printer
Add support for Frame-Relay ARP
Decode DHCP Option 121 (RFC 3442 Classless Static Route)
Decode DHCP Option 249 (MS Classless Static Route) the same as Option 121
TLV: Add support for Juniper .pcap extensions
Print EGP header in new-world-order style
Converted print-isakmp.c to NETDISSECT
Moved AF specific stuff into af.h
Test subsystem now table driven, and saves outputs and diffs to one place
Require <net/pfvar.h> for pf definitions - allows reading of pflog formatted
libpcap files on an OS other than where the file was generated
Wed. July 23, 2007. Summary for 3.9.7 libpcap release
NFS: Print unsigned values as such.
RX: parse safely.
BGP: fixes for IPv6-less builds.
801.1ag: use standard codepoint.
use /dev/bpf on systems with such a device.
802.11: print QoS data, avoid dissect of no-data frame, ignore padding.
smb: make sure that we haven't gone past the end of the captured data.
smb: squelch an uninitialized complaint from coverity.
NFS: from NetBSD; don't interpret the reply as a possible NFS reply
if it got MSG_DENIED.
BGP: don't print TLV values that didn't fit, from
revised INSTALL.txt about libpcap dependancy.
Wed. April 25, 2007. Summary for 3.9.6 tcpdump release
Update man page to reflect changes to libpcap
Changes to both TCP and IP Printer Output
Fix a potential buffer overflow in the 802.11 printer
Print basic info about a few more Cisco LAN protocols.
mDNS cleanup
ICMP MPLS rework of the extension code
bugfix: use the correct codepoint for the OSPF simple text auth token
entry, and use safeputs to print the password.
Add support in pflog for additional values
Add support for OIF RSVP Extensions UNI 1.0 Rev. 2 and additional RSVP objects
Add support for the Message-id NACK c-type.
Add support for 802.3ah loopback ctrl msg
Add support for Multiple-STP as per 802.1s
Add support for rapid-SPT as per 802.1w
Add support for CFM Link-trace msg, Link-trace-Reply msg,
Sender-ID tlv, private tlv, port, interface status
Add support for unidirectional link detection as per
Add support for the olsr protocol as per RFC 3626 plus the LQ
extensions from
Add support for variable-length checksum in DCCP, as per section 9 of
RFC 4340.
Add support for per-VLAN spanning tree and per-VLAN rapid spanning tree
Add support for Multiple-STP as per 802.1s
Add support for the cisco propriatry 'dynamic trunking protocol'
Add support for the cisco proprietary VTP protocol
Update dhcp6 options table as per IETF standardization activities
Tue. September 19, 2006. Summary for 3.9.5 tcpdump release
Fix compiling on AIX (, at end of ENUM)
Updated list of DNS RR typecodes
Use local Ethernet defs on WIN32
Add support for Frame-Relay ARP
Fixes for compiling under MSVC++
Add support for parsing Juniper .pcap files
Add support for FRF.16 Multilink Frame-Relay (DLT_MFR)
Rework the OSPFv3 printer
Fix printing for 4.4BSD/NetBSD NFS Filehandles
Add support for Cisco style NLPID encapsulation
Add cisco prop. eigrp related, extended communities
Add support for BGP signaled VPLS
Cleanup the bootp printer
Add support for PPP over Frame-Relay
Add some bounds checking to the IP options code, and clean up
the options output a bit.
Add additional modp groups to ISAKMP printer
Add support for Address-Withdraw and Label-Withdraw Msgs
Add support for the BFD Discriminator TLV
Fixes for 64bit compiling
Add support for PIMv2 checksum verification
Add support for further dissection of the IPCP Compression Option
Add support for Cisco's proposed VQP protocol
Add basic support for keyed authentication TCP option
Lots of minor cosmetic changes to output printers
Mon. September 19, 2005. Summary for 3.9.4 tcpdump release
Decoder support for more Juniper link-layer types
Fix a potential buffer overflow (although it can't occur in
Fix the handling of unknown management frame types in the 802.11
Add FRF.16 support, fix various Frame Relay bugs.
Add support for RSVP integrity objects, update fast-reroute
object printer to latest spec.
Clean up documentation of vlan filter expression, document mpls
filter expression.
Document new pppoed and pppoes filter expressions.
Update diffserver-TE codepoints as per RFC 4124.
Spelling fixes in ICMPv6.
Don't require any fields other than flags to be present in IS-IS
restart signaling TLVs, and only print the system ID in
those TLVs as system IDs, not as node IDs.
Support for DCCP.
Tue. July 5, 2005. Summary for 3.9.3 tcpdump release
Option to chroot() when dropping privs
Fixes for compiling on nearly every platform,
including improved 64bit support
Many new testcases
Support for sending packets
Many compliation fixes on most platforms
Fixes for recent version of GCC to eliminate warnings
Improved Unicode support
Decoders & DLT Changes, Updates and New:
AES ESP support
Juniper ATM, FRF.15, FRF.16, PPPoE,
Axent Raptor/Symantec Firewall
TCP-MD5 (RFC 2385)
ESP-in-UDP (RFC 3948)
LMP, LMP Service Discovery
IP over FC
IP over IEEE 1394
LDP over TCP
LACP, MARKER as per 802.3ad
PGM (RFC 3208)
G.7041/Y.1303 Generic Framing Procedure
Radio - via radiotap
Tue. March 30, 2004. Summary for 3.8.3 release
No changes from 3.8.2. Version bumped only to maintain consistency
with libpcap 0.8.3.
Mon. March 29, 2004. Summary for 3.8.2 release
Fixes for print-isakmp.c CVE: CAN-2004-0183, CAN-2004-0184
IP-over-IEEE1394 printing.
some MINGW32 changes.
updates for autoconf 2.5
fixes for print-aodv.c - check for too short packets
formatting changes to print-ascii for hex output.
check for too short packets: print-bgp.c, print-bootp.c, print-cdp.c,
print-chdlc.c, print-domain.c, print-icmp.c, print-icmp6.c,
print-ip.c, print-lwres.c, print-ospf.c, print-pim.c,
print-ppp.c,print-pppoe.c, print-rsvp.c, print-wb.c
print-ether.c - better handling of unknown types.
print-isoclns.c - additional decoding of types.
print-llc.c - strings for LLC names added.
print-pfloc.c - various enhancements
print-radius.c - better decoding to strings.
Wed. November 12, 2003. Summary for 3.8 release
changed syntax of -E argument so that multiple SAs can be decrypted
fixes for Digital Unix headers and Documentation
__attribute__ fixes
CDP changes from Terry Kennedy <>.
IPv6 mobility updates from Kazushi Sugyo <>
Fixes for ASN.1 decoder for 2.100.3 forms.
Added a count of packets received and processed to clarify numbers.
Incorporated WinDUMP patches for Win32 builds.
PPPoE payload length headers.
Fixes for HP C compiler builds.
Use new pcap_breakloop() and pcap_findalldevs() if we can.
BGP output split into multiple lines.
Fixes to 802.11 decoding.
Fixes to PIM decoder.
SuperH is a CPU that can't handle unaligned access. Many fixes for
unaligned access work.
Fixes to Frame-Relay decoder for Q.933/922 frames.
Clarified when Solaris can do captures as non-root.
Added tests/ subdir for examples/regression tests.
New -U flag. -flush stdout after every packet
New -A flag -print ascii only
support for decoding IS-IS inside Cisco HDLC Frames
more verbosity for tftp decoder
mDNS decoder
new BFD decoder
cross compilation patches
RFC 3561 AODV support.
UDP/TCP pseudo-checksum properly for source-route options.
sanitized all files to modified BSD license
Add support for RFC 2625 IP-over-Fibre Channel.
fixes for DECnet support.
Support RFC 2684 bridging of Ethernet, 802.5 Token Ring, and FDDI.
RFC 2684 encapsulation of BPDUs.
Tuesday, February 25, 2003. 3.7.2 release
Fixed infinite loop when parsing malformed isakmp packets.
(reported by iDefense; already fixed in CVS)
Fixed infinite loop when parsing malformed BGP packets.
Fixed buffer overflow with certain malformed NFS packets.
Pretty-print unprintable network names in 802.11 printer.
Handle truncated nbp (appletalk) packets.
Updated DHCPv6 printer to match draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-22.txt
Print IP protocol name even if we don't have a printer for it.
Print IP protocol name or number for fragments.
Print the whole MPLS label stack, not just the top label.
Print request header and file handle for NFS v3 FSINFO and PATHCONF
Fix NFS packet truncation checks.
Handle "old" DR-Priority and Bidir-Capable PIM HELLO options.
Handle unknown RADIUS attributes properly.
Fix an ASN.1 parsing error that would cause e.g. the OID
2.100.3 to be misrepresented as 4.20.3 .
Monday, January 21, 2002. Summary for 3.7 release
see for commit log.
keyword "ipx" added.
Better OSI/802.2 support on Linux.
IEEE 802.11 support, from,
LLC SAP support for FDDI/token ring/RFC-1483 style ATM
BXXP protocol was replaced by the BEEP protocol;
improvements to SNAP demux.
Changes to "any" interface documentation.
Documentation on pcap_stats() counters.
Fix a memory leak found by Miklos Szeredi - pcap_ether_aton().
Added MPLS encapsulation decoding per RFC3032.
DNS dissector handles TKEY, TSIG and IXFR.
adaptive SLIP interface patch from Igor Khristophorov <>
SMB printing has much improved bounds checks
OUI 0x0000f8 decoded as encapsulated ethernet for Cisco-custom bridging
Zephyr support, from Nickolai Zeldovich <kolya@MIT.EDU>.
Solaris - devices with digits in them. Stefan Hudson <>
IPX socket 0x85be is for Cisco EIGRP over IPX.
Improvements to fragmented ESP handling.
SCTP support from Armando L. Caro Jr. <>
Linux ARPHDR_ATM support fixed.
Added a "netbeui" keyword, which selects NetBEUI packets.
IPv6 ND improvements, MobileIP dissector, 2292bis-02 for RA option.
Handle ARPHDR_HDLC from Marcus Felipe Pereira <>.
Handle IPX socket 0x553 -> NetBIOS-over-IPX socket, "nwlink-dgm"
Better Linux libc5 compat.
BIND9 lwres dissector added.
MIPS and SPARC get strict alignment macros (affects print-bgp.c)
Apple LocalTalk LINKTYPE_ reserved.
New time stamp formats documented.
DHCP6 updated to draft-22.txt spec.
ICMP types/codes now accept symbolic names.
Add SIGINFO handler from LBL
encrypted CIPE tunnels in IRIX, from Franz Schaefer <>.
now we are -Wstrict-prototype clean.
NetBSD DLT_PPP_ETHER; adapted from Martin Husemann <>.
PPPoE dissector cleaned up.
Support for LocalTalk hardware, from Uns Lider <>.
In dissector, now the caller prints the IP addresses rather than proto. print the IP proto for non-initial fragments.
LLC frames with a DSAP and LSAP of 0xe0 are IPX frames.
Linux cooked frames with a type value of LINUX_SLL_P_802_3 are IPX.
captures on the "any" device won't be done in promiscuous mode
Token Ring support on DLPI - Onno van der Linden <>
ARCNet support, from NetBSD.
HSRP dissector, from Julian Cowley <>.
Handle (GRE-encapsulated) PPTP
added -C option to rotate save file every optarg * 1,000,000 bytes.
support for "vrrp" name - NetBSD, by Klaus Klein <>.
PPTP support, from Motonori Shindo <>.
IS-IS over PPP support, from Hannes Gredler <>.
CNFP support for IPv6,format. Harry Raaymakers <>.
ESP printing updated to RFC2406.
HP-UX can now handle large number of PPAs.
MSDP printer added.
L2TP dissector improvements from Motonori Shindo.
Tuesday January 9, 2001. Summary for 3.6 release
Cleaned up documentation.
Promisc mode fixes for Linux
IPsec changes/cleanups.
Alignment fixes for picky architectures
Removed dependency on native headers for packet dissectors.
Removed Linux specific headers that were shipped
libpcap changes provide for exchanging capture files between
systems. Save files now have well known PACKET_ values instead of
depending upon system dependant mappings of DLT_* types.
Support for computing/checking IP and UDP/TCP checksums.
Updated autoconf stock files.
IPv6 improvements: dhcp (draft-15), mobile-ip6, ppp, ospf6,
Added dissector support for: ISOCLNS, Token Ring, IGMPv3, bxxp,
timed, vrrp, radius, chdlc, cnfp, cdp, IEEE802.1d, raw-AppleTalk
Added filtering support for: VLANs, ESIS, ISIS
Improvements to: print-telnet, IPTalk, bootp/dhcp, ECN, PPP,
HP-UX 11.0 -- find the right dlpi device.
Solaris 8 - IPv6 works
Linux - Added support for an "any" device to capture on all interfaces
Security fixes: buffer overrun audit done. Strcpy replaced with
strlcpy, sprintf replaced with snprintf.
Look for lex problems, and warn about them.
v3.5 Fri Jan 28 18:00:00 PST 2000
Bill Fenner <>
- switch to config.h for autoconf
- unify RCSID strings
- Updated PIMv1, PIMv2, DVMRP, IGMP parsers, add Cisco Auto-RP parser
- Really fix the RIP printer
- Fix MAC address -> name translation.
- some -Wall -Wformat fixes
- update makemib to parse much of SMIv2
- Print TCP sequence # with -vv even if you normally wouldn't
- Print as much of IP/TCP/UDP headers as possible even if truncated.
- -X will make a ascii dump. from netbsd.
- telnet command sequence decoder (ff xx xx). from netbsd.
- print-bgp.c: improve options printing. ugly code exists for
unaligned option parsing (need some fix).
- const poisoning in SMB decoder.
- -Wall -Werror clean checks.
- bring in KAME IPv6/IPsec decoding code.
Assar Westerlund <>
- SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 printer
- If compiled with libsmi, tcpdump can load MIBs on the fly to decode
SNMP packets.
- Incorporate NFS parsing code from NetBSD. Adds support for nfsv3.
- portability fixes
- permit building in different directories.
Ken Hornstein <>
- bring in code at
/afs/ for parsing
AFS3 packets
Andrew Tridgell <>
- SMB printing code
Love <>
- print-rx.c: add code for printing MakeDir and StoreStatus. Also
change date format to the right one.
Michael C. Richardson <>
- Created repository
v3.4 Sat Jul 25 12:40:55 PDT 1998
- Hardwire Linux slip support since it's too hard to detect.
- Redo configuration of "network" libraries (-lsocket and -lnsl) to
deal with IRIX. Thanks to John Hawkinson (
- Added -a which tries to translate network and broadcast addresses to
names. Suggested by Rob van Nieuwkerk (
- Added a configure option to disable gcc.
- Added a "raw" packet printer.
- Not having an interface address is no longer fatal. Requested by John
- Rework signal setup to accommodate Linux.
- OSPF truncation check fix. Also display the type of OSPF packets
using MD5 authentication. Thanks to Brian Wellington
- Fix truncation check bugs in the Kerberos printer. Reported by Ezra
Peisach (
- Don't catch SIGHUP when invoked with nohup(1). Thanks to Dave Plonka
- Specify full install target as a way of detecting if install
directory does not exist. Thanks to Dave Plonka.
- Bit-swap FDDI addresses for BSD/OS too. Thanks to Paul Vixie
- Fix off-by-one bug when testing size of ethernet packets. Thanks to
Marty Leisner (
- Add a local autoconf macro to check for routines in libraries; the
autoconf version is broken (it only puts the library name in the
cache variable name). Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Add a local autoconf macro to check for types; the autoconf version
is broken (it uses grep instead of actually compiling a code fragment).
- Modified to support the new BSD/OS 2.1 PPP and SLIP link layer header
- Extend OSF ip header workaround to versions 1 and 2.
- Fix some signed problems in the nfs printer. As reported by David
Sacerdote (
- Detect group wheel and use it as the default since BSD/OS' install
can't hack numeric groups. Reported by David Sacerdote.
- AIX needs special loader options. Thanks to Jonathan I. Kamens
- Fixed the nfs printer to print port numbers in decimal. Thanks to
Kent Vander Velden (
- Find installed libpcap in /usr/local/lib when not using gcc.
- Disallow network masks with non-network bits set.
- Attempt to detect "egcs" versions of gcc.
- Add missing closing double quotes when displaying bootp strings.
Reported by Viet-Trung Luu (
v3.3 Sat Nov 30 20:56:27 PST 1996
- Added Linux support.
- GRE encapsulated packet printer thanks to John Hawkinson
- Rewrite gmt2local() to avoid problematic os dependencies.
- Suppress nfs truncation message on errors.
- Add missing m4 quoting in AC_LBL_UNALIGNED_ACCESS autoconf macro.
Reported by Joachim Ott (
- Enable "ip_hl vs. ip_vhl" workaround for OSF4 too.
- Print arp hardware type in host order. Thanks to Onno van der Linden
- Avoid solaris compiler warnings. Thanks to Bruce Barnett
- Fix rip printer to not print one more route than is actually in the
packet. Thanks to Jean-Luc Richier ( and
Bill Fenner (
- Use autoconf endian detection since BYTE_ORDER isn't defined on all systems.
- Fix dvmrp printer truncation checks and add a dvmrp probe printer.
Thanks to Danny J. Mitzel (
- Rewrite ospf printer to improve truncation checks.
- Don't parse tcp options past the EOL. As noted by David Sacerdote
( Also, check tcp options to make sure they ar
actually in the tcp header (in addition to the normal truncation
checks). Fix the SACK code to print the N blocks (instead of the
first block N times).
- Don't say really small UDP packets are truncated just because they
aren't big enough to be a RPC. As noted by David Sacerdote.
v3.2.1 Sun Jul 14 03:02:26 PDT 1996
- Added rfc1716 icmp codes as suggested by Martin Fredriksson
- Print mtu for icmp unreach need frag packets. Thanks to John
Hawkinson (
- Decode icmp router discovery messages. Thanks to Jeffrey Honig
- Added a printer entry for DLT_IEEE802 as suggested by Tak Kushida
- Check igmp checksum if possible. Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Made changes for SINIX. Thanks to Andrej Borsenkow
- Use autoconf's idea of the top level directory in install targets.
Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Avoid infinite loop in tcp options printing code. Thanks to Jeffrey
Mogul (
- Avoid using -lsocket in IRIX 5.2 and earlier since it breaks snoop.
Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Added some more packet truncation checks.
- On systems that have it, use sigset() instead of signal() since
signal() has different semantics on these systems.
- Fixed some more alignment problems on the alpha.
- Add code to massage unprintable characters in the domain and ipx
printers. Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Added explicit netmask support. Thanks to Steve Nuchia
- Add "sca" keyword (for DEC cluster services) as suggested by Terry
Kennedy (
- Add "atalk" keyword as suggested by John Hawkinson.
- Added an igrp printer. Thanks to Francis Dupont
- Print IPX net numbers in hex a la Novell Netware. Thanks to Terry
Kennedy (
- Fixed snmp extended tag field parsing bug. Thanks to Pascal Hennequin
- Added some ETHERTYPEs missing on some systems.
- Added truncated packet macros and various checks.
- Fixed endian problems with the DECnet printer.
- Use $CC when checking gcc version. Thanks to Carl Lindberg
- Fixes for AIX (although this system is not yet supported). Thanks to
John Hawkinson.
- Fix bugs in the autoconf misaligned accesses code fragment.
- Include sys/param.h to get BYTE_ORDER in a few places. Thanks to
Pavlin Ivanov Radoslavov (
v3.2 Sun Jun 23 02:28:10 PDT 1996
- Print new icmp unreachable codes as suggested by Martin Fredriksson
( Also print code value when unknown for icmp redirect
and time exceeded.
- Fix an alignment endian bug in getname(). Thanks to John Hawkinson.
- Define "new" domain record types if not found in arpa/nameserv.h.
Resulted from a suggestion from John Hawkinson ( Also
fixed an endian bug when printing mx record and added some new record
- Added RIP V2 support. Thanks to Jeffrey Honig (
- Added T/TCP options printing. As suggested by Richard Stevens
- Use autoconf to detect architectures that can't handle misaligned
v3.1 Thu Jun 13 20:59:32 PDT 1996
- Changed u_int32/int32 to u_int32_t/int32_t to be consistent with bsd
and bind (as suggested by Charles Hannum).
- Port to GNU autoconf.
- Add support for printing DVMRP and PIM traffic thanks to
Havard Eidnes (
- Fix AppleTalk, IPX and DECnet byte order problems due to wrong endian
define being referenced. Reported by Terry Kennedy.
- Minor fixes to the man page thanks to Mark Andrews.
- Endian fixes to RTP and vat packet dumpers, thanks to Bruce Mah
- Added support for new dns types, thanks to Rainer Orth.
- Fixed tftp_print() to print the block number for ACKs.
- Document -dd and -ddd. Resulted from a bug report from Charlie Slater
- Check return status from malloc/calloc/etc.
- Check return status from pcap_loop() so we can print an error and
exit with a bad status if there were problems.
- Bail if ip option length is <= 0. Resulted from a bug report from
Darren Reed (
- Print out a little more information for sun rpc packets.
- Add suport for Kerberos 4 thanks to John Hawkinson (
- Fixed the Fix EXTRACT_SHORT() and EXTRACT_LONG() macros (which were
wrong on little endian machines).
- Fixed alignment bug in ipx_decode(). Thanks to Matt Crawford
- Fix ntp_print() to not print garbage when the stratum is
"unspecified." Thanks to Deus Ex Machina (
- Rewrote tcp options printer code to check for truncation. Added
selective acknowledgment case.
- Fixed an endian bug in the ospf printer. Thanks to Jeffrey C Honig
- Fix rip printer to handle 4.4 BSD sockaddr struct which only uses one
octet for the sa_family member. Thanks to Yoshitaka Tokugawa
- Don't checksum ip header if we don't have all of it. Thanks to John
Hawkinson (
- Print out hostnames if possible in egp printer. Thanks to Jeffrey
Honig (
v3.1a1 Wed May 3 19:21:11 PDT 1995
- Include time.h when SVR4 is defined to avoid problems under Solaris
- Fix etheraddr_string() in the ETHER_SERVICE to return the saved
strings, not the local buffer. Thanks to Stefan Petri
- Detect when pcap raises the snaplen (e.g. with snit). Print a warning
that the selected value was not used. Thanks to Pascal Hennequin
- Add a truncated packet test to print-nfs.c. Thanks to Pascal Hennequin.
- BYTEORDER -> BYTE_ORDER Thanks to Terry Kennedy (
v3.0.3 Sun Oct 1 18:35:00 GMT 1995
- Although there never was a 3.0.3 release, the linux boys cleverly
"released" one in late 1995.
v3.0.2 Thu Apr 20 21:28:16 PDT 1995
- Change configuration to not use gcc v2 flags with gcc v1.
- Redo gmt2local() so that it works under BSDI (which seems to return
an empty timezone struct from gettimeofday()). Based on report from
Terry Kennedy (
- Change configure to recognize IP[0-9]* as "mips" SGI hardware. Based
on report from Mark Andrews (
- Don't pass cc flags to gcc. Resulted from a bug report from Rainer
Orth (
- Fixed printout of connection id for uncompressed tcp slip packets.
Resulted from a bug report from Richard Stevens (
- Hack around deficiency in Ultrix's make.
- Add ETHERTYPE_TRAIL define which is missing from irix5.
v3.0.1 Wed Aug 31 22:42:26 PDT 1994
- Fix problems with gcc2 vs. malloc() and read() prototypes under SunOS 4.
v3.0 Mon Jun 20 19:23:27 PDT 1994
- Added support for printing tcp option timestamps thanks to
Mark Andrews (
- Reorganize protocol dumpers to take const pointers to packets so they
never change the contents (i.e., they used to do endian conversions
in place). Previously, whenever more than one pass was taken over
the packet, the packet contents would be dumped incorrectly (i.e.,
the output form -x would be wrong on little endian machines because
the protocol dumpers would modify the data). Thanks to Charles Hannum
( for reporting this problem.
- Added support for decnet protocol dumping thanks to Jeff Mogul
- Fix bug that caused length of packet to be incorrectly printed
(off by ether header size) for unknown ethernet types thanks
to Greg Miller (
- Added support for IPX protocol dumping thanks to Brad Parker
- Added check to verify IP header checksum under -v thanks to
Brad Parker (
- Move packet capture code to new libpcap library (which is
packaged separately).
- Prototype everything and assume an ansi compiler.
- print-arp.c: Print hardware ethernet addresses if they're not
what we expect.
- print-bootp.c: Decode the cmu vendor field. Add RFC1497 tags.
Many helpful suggestions from Gordon Ross (
- print-fddi.c: Improvements. Thanks to Jeffrey Mogul
- print-icmp.c: Byte swap netmask before printing. Thanks to
Richard Stevens ( Print icmp type when unknown.
- print-ip.c: Print the inner ip datagram of ip-in-ip encapsulated packets.
By default, only the inner packet is dumped, appended with the token
"(encap)". Under -v, both the inner and output packets are dumped
(on the same line). Note that the filter applies to the original packet,
not the encapsulated packet. So if you run tcpdump on a net with an
IP Multicast tunnel, you cannot filter out the datagrams using the
conventional syntax. (You can filter away all the ip-in-ip traffic
with "not ip proto 4".)
- print-nfs.c: Keep pending rpc's in circular table. Add generic
nfs header and remove os dependences. Thanks to Jeffrey Mogul.
- print-ospf.c: Improvements. Thanks to Jeffrey Mogul.
- tcpdump.c: Add -T flag allows interpretation of "vat", "wb", "rpc"
(sunrpc) and rtp packets. Added "inbound" and "outbound" keywords
Add && and || operators
v2.2.1 Tue Jun 6 17:57:22 PDT 1992
- Fix bug with -c flag.
v2.2 Fri May 22 17:19:41 PDT 1992
- savefile.c: Remove hack that shouldn't have been exported. Add
truncate checks.
- Added the 'icmp' keyword. For example, 'icmp[0] != 8 and icmp[0] != 0'
matches non-echo/reply ICMP packets.
- Many improvements to filter code optimizer.
- Added 'multicast' keyword and extended the 'broadcast' keyword can now be
so that protocol qualifications are allowed. For example, "ip broadcast"
and "ether multicast" are valid filters.
- Added support for monitoring the loopback interface (i.e. 'tcpdump -i lo').
Jeffrey Honig (jch@MITCHELL.CIT.CORNELL.EDU) contributed the kernel
patches to netinet/if_loop.c.
- Added support for the Ungermann-Bass Ethernet on IBM/PC-RTs running AOS.
Contact Jeffrey Honig (jch@MITCHELL.CIT.CORNELL.EDU) for the diffs.
- Added EGP and OSPF printers, thanks to Jeffrey Honig.
v2.1 Tue Jan 28 11:00:14 PST 1992
- Internal release (never publically exported).
v2.0.1 Sun Jan 26 21:10:10 PDT
- Various byte ordering fixes.
- Add truncation checks.
- inet.c: Support BSD style SIOCGIFCONF.
- nametoaddr.c: Handle multi addresses for single host.
- optimize.c: Rewritten.
- pcap-bpf.c: don't choke when we get ptraced. only set promiscuous
for broadcast nets.
- print-atal.c: Fix an alignment bug (thanks to Add missing printf() argument.
- print-bootp.c: First attempt at decoding the vendor buffer.
- print-domain.c: Fix truncation checks.
- print-icmp.c: Calculate length of packets from the ip header.
- print-ip.c: Print frag id in decimal (so it's easier to match up
with non-frags). Add support for ospf, egp and igmp.
- print-nfs.c: Lots of changes.
- print-ntp.c: Make some verbose output depend on -v.
- print-snmp.c: New version from John LoVerso.
- print-tcp.c: Print rfc1072 tcp options.
- tcpdump.c: Print "0x" prefix for %x formats. Always print 6 digits
(microseconds) worth of precision. Fix uid bugs.
- A packet dumper has been added (thanks to Jeff Mogul of DECWRL).
With this option, you can create an architecture independent binary
trace file in real time, without the overhead of the packet printer.
At a later time, the packets can be filtered (again) and printed.
- BSD is supported. You must have BPF in your kernel.
Since the filtering is now done in the kernel, fewer packets are
dropped. In fact, with BPF and the packet dumper option, a measly
Sun 3/50 can keep up with a busy network.
- Compressed SLIP packets can now be dumped, provided you use our
SLIP software and BPF. These packets are dumped as any other IP
packet; the compressed headers are dumped with the '-e' option.
- Machines with little-endian byte ordering are supported (thanks to
Jeff Mogul).
- Ultrix 4.0 is supported (also thanks to Jeff Mogul).
- IBM RT and Stanford Enetfilter support has been added by
Rayan Zachariassen <>. Tcpdump has been tested under
both the vanilla Enetfilter interface, and the extended interface
(#ifdef'd by IBMRTPC) present in the MERIT version of the Enetfilter.
- TFTP packets are now printed (requests only).
- BOOTP packets are now printed.
- SNMP packets are now printed. (thanks to John LoVerso of Xylogics).
- Sparc architectures, including the Sparcstation-1, are now
supported thanks to Steve McCanne and Craig Leres.
- SunOS 4 is now supported thanks to Micky Liu of Columbia
University (
- IP options are now printed.
- RIP packets are now printed.
- There's a -v flag that prints out more information than the
default (e.g., it will enable printing of IP ttl, tos and id)
and -q flag that prints out less (e.g., it will disable
interpretation of AppleTalk-in-UDP).
- The grammar has undergone substantial changes (if you have an
earlier version of tcpdump, you should re-read the manual
The most useful change is the addition of an expression
syntax that lets you filter on arbitrary fields or values in the
packet. E.g., "ip[0] > 0x45" would print only packets with IP
options, "tcp[13] & 3 != 0" would print only TCP SYN and FIN
The most painful change is that concatenation no longer means
"and" -- e.g., you have to say "host foo and port bar" instead
of "host foo port bar". The up side to this down is that
repeated qualifiers can be omitted, making most filter
expressions shorter. E.g., you can now say "ip host foo and
(bar or baz)" to look at ip traffic between hosts foo and bar or
between hosts foo and baz. [The old way of saying this was "ip
host foo and (ip host bar or ip host baz)".]
v2.0 Sun Jan 13 12:20:40 PST 1991
- Initial public release.