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To build tcpdump under Windows, you need:
- version 6 (or higher) of Microsoft Visual Studio or the Cygnus gnu
C compiler.
- The November 2001 (or later) edition of Microsoft Platform
Software Development Kit (SDK), that contains some necessary includes
for IPv6 support. You can download it from
- the WinPcap source code, that includes libpcap for win32. Download it
from or download libpcap sources from and follow the instructions in the README.Win32
First, extract tcpdump and WinPcap in the same folder, and build WinPcap.
The Visual Studio project and the cygwin makefile are in the Win32\prj
From Visual Studio, open windump.dsw and build the program. The release
version of the WinDump.exe executable file will be created in the
windump\win32\prj\release directory . The debug version will be generated
in windump\win32\prj\debug.
From cygnus, go to windump\win32\prj\ and type "make". WinDump.exe will be
created in the same directory.