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# Alpha EV4 events.
event:0x00 counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:ISSUES : Total issues divided by 2
event:0x02 counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:PIPELINE_DRY : Nothing issued, no valid I-stream data
event:0x04 counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:LOAD_INSNS : All load instructions
event:0x06 counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:PIPELINE_FROZEN : Nothing issued, resource conflict
event:0x08 counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:BRANCH_INSNS : All branches (conditional, unconditional, jsr, hw_rei)
event:0x0a counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:CYCLES : Total cycles
event:0x0b counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:PAL_MODE : Cycles while in PALcode environment
event:0x0c counters:0 um:zero minimum:4096 name:NON_ISSUES : Total nonissues divided by 2
event:0x10 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:DCACHE_MISSES : Total D-cache misses
event:0x11 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:ICACHE_MISSES : Total I-cache misses
event:0x12 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:DUAL_ISSUE_CYCLES : Cycles of dual issue
event:0x13 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:BRANCH_MISPREDICTS : Branch mispredicts (conditional, jsr, hw_rei)
event:0x14 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:FP_INSNS : FP operate instructions (not br, load, store)
event:0x15 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:INTEGER_OPERATE : Integer operate instructions
event:0x16 counters:0 um:zero minimum:256 name:STORE_INSNS : Store instructions
# There's also EXTERNAL, by which we could monitor the 21066/21068 bus controller.