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# Pentium III possible unit masks
name:zero type:mandatory default:0x0
0x0 No unit mask
name:mesi type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x08 (M)odified cache state
0x04 (E)xclusive cache state
0x02 (S)hared cache state
0x01 (I)nvalid cache state
0x0f All cache states
name:ebl type:exclusive default:0x20
0x00 self-generated transactions
0x20 any transactions
name:kni_prefetch type:exclusive default:0x0
0x00 prefetch NTA
0x01 prefetch T1
0x02 prefetch T2
0x03 weakly-ordered stores
# this bitmask can seems weirds but is correct, note there is no way to only
# count scalar SIMD instructions
name:kni_inst_retired type:exclusive default:0x0
0x00 packed and scalar
0x01 packed
name:mmx_uops type:mandatory default:0xf
0x0f mandatory
name:mmx_instr_type_exec type:bitmask default:0x3f
0x01 MMX packed multiplies
0x02 MMX packed shifts
0x04 MMX pack operations
0x08 MMX unpack operations
0x10 MMX packed logical
0x20 MMX packed arithmetic
0x3f all of the above
name:mmx_trans type:exclusive default:0x0
0x00 MMX->float operations
0x01 float->MMX operations