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# Unit masks for the Intel "Westmere" micro architecture
# See for help in identifying Westmere based CPUs
name:x01 type:mandatory default:0x01
0x01 No unit mask
name:x02 type:mandatory default:0x02
0x02 No unit mask
name:x07 type:mandatory default:0x07
0x07 No unit mask
name:x10 type:mandatory default:0x10
0x10 No unit mask
name:x20 type:mandatory default:0x20
0x20 No unit mask
name:arith type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 cycles_div_busy Cycles the divider is busy
0x02 mul Multiply operations executed
name:baclear type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 clear BACLEAR asserted, regardless of cause
0x02 bad_target BACLEAR asserted with bad target address
name:bpu_clears type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 early Early Branch Prediction Unit clears
0x02 late Late Branch Prediction Unit clears
name:br_inst_exec type:bitmask default:0x7f
0x01 cond Conditional branch instructions executed
0x02 direct Unconditional branches executed
0x04 indirect_non_call Indirect non call branches executed
0x07 non_calls All non call branches executed
0x08 return_near Indirect return branches executed
0x10 direct_near_call Unconditional call branches executed
0x20 indirect_near_call Indirect call branches executed
0x30 near_calls Call branches executed
0x40 taken Taken branches executed
0x7f any Branch instructions executed
name:br_inst_retired type:bitmask default:0x04
0x01 conditional Retired conditional branch instructions (Precise Event)
0x02 near_call Retired near call instructions (Precise Event)
0x04 all_branches Retired branch instructions (Precise Event)
name:br_misp_exec type:bitmask default:0x7f
0x01 cond Mispredicted conditional branches executed
0x02 direct Mispredicted unconditional branches executed
0x04 indirect_non_call Mispredicted indirect non call branches executed
0x07 non_calls Mispredicted non call branches executed
0x08 return_near Mispredicted return branches executed
0x10 direct_near_call Mispredicted non call branches executed
0x20 indirect_near_call Mispredicted indirect call branches executed
0x30 near_calls Mispredicted call branches executed
0x40 taken Mispredicted taken branches executed
0x7f any Mispredicted branches executed
name:br_misp_retired type:bitmask default:0x04
0x01 conditional Mispredicted conditional retired branches (Precise Event)
0x02 near_call Mispredicted near retired calls (Precise Event)
0x04 all_branches Mispredicted retired branch instructions (Precise Event)
name:cache_lock_cycles type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 l1d_l2 Cycles L1D and L2 locked
0x02 l1d Cycles L1D locked
name:cpu_clk_unhalted type:bitmask default:0x00
0x00 thread_p Cycles when thread is not halted (programmable counter)
0x01 ref_p Reference base clock (133 Mhz) cycles when thread is not halted (programmable counter)
name:dtlb_load_misses type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any DTLB load misses
0x02 walk_completed DTLB load miss page walks complete
0x04 walk_cycles DTLB load miss page walk cycles
0x10 stlb_hit DTLB second level hit
0x20 pde_miss DTLB load miss caused by low part of address
0x80 large_walk_completed DTLB load miss large page walks
name:dtlb_misses type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any DTLB misses
0x02 walk_completed DTLB miss page walks
0x04 walk_cycles DTLB miss page walk cycles
0x10 stlb_hit DTLB first level misses but second level hit
0x20 pde_miss DTLB misses casued by low part of address
0x80 large_walk_completed DTLB miss large page walks
name:fp_assist type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 all X87 Floating point assists (Precise Event)
0x02 output X87 Floating point assists for invalid output value (Precise Event)
0x04 input X87 Floating poiint assists for invalid input value (Precise Event)
name:fp_comp_ops_exe type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 x87 Computational floating-point operations executed
0x02 mmx MMX Uops
0x04 sse_fp SSE and SSE2 FP Uops
0x08 sse2_integer SSE2 integer Uops
0x10 sse_fp_packed SSE FP packed Uops
0x20 sse_fp_scalar SSE FP scalar Uops
0x40 sse_single_precision SSE* FP single precision Uops
0x80 sse_double_precision SSE* FP double precision Uops
name:fp_mmx_trans type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 to_fp Transitions from MMX to Floating Point instructions
0x02 to_mmx Transitions from Floating Point to MMX instructions
0x03 any All Floating Point to and from MMX transitions
name:ild_stall type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 lcp Length Change Prefix stall cycles
0x02 mru Stall cycles due to BPU MRU bypass
0x04 iq_full Instruction Queue full stall cycles
0x08 regen Regen stall cycles
0x0f any Any Instruction Length Decoder stall cycles
name:inst_retired type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any_p Instructions retired (Programmable counter and Precise Event)
0x02 x87 Retired floating-point operations (Precise Event)
0x04 mmx Retired MMX instructions (Precise Event)
name:itlb_misses type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any ITLB miss
0x02 walk_completed ITLB miss page walks
0x04 walk_cycles ITLB miss page walk cycles
0x80 large_walk_completed ITLB miss large page walks
name:l1d type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 repl L1 data cache lines allocated
0x02 m_repl L1D cache lines allocated in the M state
0x04 m_evict L1D cache lines replaced in M state
0x08 m_snoop_evict L1D snoop eviction of cache lines in M state
name:l1d_prefetch type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 requests L1D hardware prefetch requests
0x02 miss L1D hardware prefetch misses
0x04 triggers L1D hardware prefetch requests triggered
name:l1d_wb_l2 type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 i_state L1 writebacks to L2 in I state (misses)
0x02 s_state L1 writebacks to L2 in S state
0x04 e_state L1 writebacks to L2 in E state
0x08 m_state L1 writebacks to L2 in M state
0x0f mesi All L1 writebacks to L2
name:l1i type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 hits L1I instruction fetch hits
0x02 misses L1I instruction fetch misses
0x03 reads L1I Instruction fetches
0x04 cycles_stalled L1I instruction fetch stall cycles
name:l2_data_rqsts type:bitmask default:0xff
0x01 demand_i_state L2 data demand loads in I state (misses)
0x02 demand_s_state L2 data demand loads in S state
0x04 demand_e_state L2 data demand loads in E state
0x08 demand_m_state L2 data demand loads in M state
0x0f demand_mesi L2 data demand requests
0x10 prefetch_i_state L2 data prefetches in the I state (misses)
0x20 prefetch_s_state L2 data prefetches in the S state
0x40 prefetch_e_state L2 data prefetches in E state
0x80 prefetch_m_state L2 data prefetches in M state
0xf0 prefetch_mesi All L2 data prefetches
0xff any All L2 data requests
name:l2_lines_in type:bitmask default:0x07
0x02 s_state L2 lines allocated in the S state
0x04 e_state L2 lines allocated in the E state
0x07 any L2 lines alloacated
name:l2_lines_out type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 demand_clean L2 lines evicted by a demand request
0x02 demand_dirty L2 modified lines evicted by a demand request
0x04 prefetch_clean L2 lines evicted by a prefetch request
0x08 prefetch_dirty L2 modified lines evicted by a prefetch request
0x0f any L2 lines evicted
name:l2_rqsts type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 ld_hit L2 load hits
0x02 ld_miss L2 load misses
0x03 loads L2 requests
0x04 rfo_hit L2 RFO hits
0x08 rfo_miss L2 RFO misses
0x0c rfos L2 RFO requests
0x10 ifetch_hit L2 instruction fetch hits
0x20 ifetch_miss L2 instruction fetch misses
0x30 ifetches L2 instruction fetches
0x40 prefetch_hit L2 prefetch hits
0x80 prefetch_miss L2 prefetch misses
0xaa miss All L2 misses
0xc0 prefetches All L2 prefetches
0xff references All L2 requests
name:l2_transactions type:bitmask default:0x80
0x01 load L2 Load transactions
0x02 rfo L2 RFO transactions
0x04 ifetch L2 instruction fetch transactions
0x08 prefetch L2 prefetch transactions
0x10 l1d_wb L1D writeback to L2 transactions
0x20 fill L2 fill transactions
0x40 wb L2 writeback to LLC transactions
0x80 any All L2 transactions
name:l2_write type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 rfo_i_state L2 demand store RFOs in I state (misses)
0x02 rfo_s_state L2 demand store RFOs in S state
0x08 rfo_m_state L2 demand store RFOs in M state
0x0e rfo_hit All L2 demand store RFOs that hit the cache
0x0f rfo_mesi All L2 demand store RFOs
0x10 lock_i_state L2 demand lock RFOs in I state (misses)
0x20 lock_s_state L2 demand lock RFOs in S state
0x40 lock_e_state L2 demand lock RFOs in E state
0x80 lock_m_state L2 demand lock RFOs in M state
0xe0 lock_hit All demand L2 lock RFOs that hit the cache
0xf0 lock_mesi All demand L2 lock RFOs
name:load_dispatch type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 rs Loads dispatched that bypass the MOB
0x02 rs_delayed Loads dispatched from stage 305
0x04 mob Loads dispatched from the MOB
0x07 any All loads dispatched
name:longest_lat_cache type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 miss Longest latency cache miss
0x02 reference Longest latency cache reference
name:machine_clears type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 cycles Cycles machine clear asserted
0x02 mem_order Execution pipeline restart due to Memory ordering conflicts
0x04 smc Self-Modifying Code detected
name:mem_inst_retired type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 loads Instructions retired which contains a load (Precise Event)
0x02 stores Instructions retired which contains a store (Precise Event)
name:mem_load_retired type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 l1d_hit Retired loads that hit the L1 data cache (Precise Event)
0x02 l2_hit Retired loads that hit the L2 cache (Precise Event)
0x04 llc_unshared_hit Retired loads that hit valid versions in the LLC cache (Precise Event)
0x08 other_core_l2_hit_hitm Retired loads that hit sibling core's L2 in modified or unmodified states (Precise Event)
0x10 llc_miss Retired loads that miss the LLC cache (Precise Event)
0x40 hit_lfb Retired loads that miss L1D and hit an previously allocated LFB (Precise Event)
0x80 dtlb_miss Retired loads that miss the DTLB (Precise Event)
name:mem_uncore_retired type:bitmask default:0x02
0x02 local_hitm Load instructions retired that HIT modified data in sibling core (Precise Event)
0x04 remote_hitm Retired loads that hit remote socket in modified state (Precise Event)
0x08 local_dram_and_remote_cache_hit Load instructions retired local dram and remote cache HIT data sources (Precise Event)
0x10 remote_dram Load instructions retired remote DRAM and remote home-remote cache HITM (Precise Event)
0x80 uncacheable Load instructions retired IO (Precise Event)
name:offcore_requests type:bitmask default:0x80
0x01 demand_read_data Offcore demand data read requests
0x02 demand_read_code Offcore demand code read requests
0x04 demand_rfo Offcore demand RFO requests
0x08 any_read Offcore read requests
0x10 any_rfo Offcore RFO requests
0x40 l1d_writeback Offcore L1 data cache writebacks
0x80 any All offcore requests
name:offcore_requests_outstanding type:bitmask default:0x08
0x01 demand_read_data Outstanding offcore demand data reads
0x02 demand_read_code Outstanding offcore demand code reads
0x04 demand_rfo Outstanding offcore demand RFOs
0x08 any_read Outstanding offcore reads
name:rat_stalls type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 flags Flag stall cycles
0x02 registers Partial register stall cycles
0x04 rob_read_port ROB read port stalls cycles
0x08 scoreboard Scoreboard stall cycles
0x0f any All RAT stall cycles
name:resource_stalls type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any Resource related stall cycles
0x02 load Load buffer stall cycles
0x04 rs_full Reservation Station full stall cycles
0x08 store Store buffer stall cycles
0x10 rob_full ROB full stall cycles
0x20 fpcw FPU control word write stall cycles
0x40 mxcsr MXCSR rename stall cycles
0x80 other Other Resource related stall cycles
name:simd_int_128 type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 packed_mpy 128 bit SIMD integer multiply operations
0x02 packed_shift 128 bit SIMD integer shift operations
0x04 pack 128 bit SIMD integer pack operations
0x08 unpack 128 bit SIMD integer unpack operations
0x10 packed_logical 128 bit SIMD integer logical operations
0x20 packed_arith 128 bit SIMD integer arithmetic operations
0x40 shuffle_move 128 bit SIMD integer shuffle/move operations
name:simd_int_64 type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 packed_mpy SIMD integer 64 bit packed multiply operations
0x02 packed_shift SIMD integer 64 bit shift operations
0x04 pack SIMD integer 64 bit pack operations
0x08 unpack SIMD integer 64 bit unpack operations
0x10 packed_logical SIMD integer 64 bit logical operations
0x20 packed_arith SIMD integer 64 bit arithmetic operations
0x40 shuffle_move SIMD integer 64 bit shuffle/move operations
name:snoopq_requests type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 data Snoop data requests
0x02 invalidate Snoop invalidate requests
0x04 code Snoop code requests
name:snoopq_requests_outstanding type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 data Outstanding snoop data requests
0x02 invalidate Outstanding snoop invalidate requests
0x04 code Outstanding snoop code requests
name:snoop_response type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 hit Thread responded HIT to snoop
0x02 hite Thread responded HITE to snoop
0x04 hitm Thread responded HITM to snoop
name:sq_misc type:bitmask default:0x04
0x04 lru_hints Super Queue LRU hints sent to LLC
0x10 split_lock Super Queue lock splits across a cache line
name:ssex_uops_retired type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 packed_single SIMD Packed-Single Uops retired (Precise Event)
0x02 scalar_single SIMD Scalar-Single Uops retired (Precise Event)
0x04 packed_double SIMD Packed-Double Uops retired (Precise Event)
0x08 scalar_double SIMD Scalar-Double Uops retired (Precise Event)
0x10 vector_integer SIMD Vector Integer Uops retired (Precise Event)
name:store_blocks type:bitmask default:0x04
0x04 at_ret Loads delayed with at-Retirement block code
0x08 l1d_block Cacheable loads delayed with L1D block code
name:uops_decoded type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 stall_cycles Cycles no Uops are decoded
0x02 ms_cycles_active Uops decoded by Microcode Sequencer
0x04 esp_folding Stack pointer instructions decoded
0x08 esp_sync Stack pointer sync operations
name:uops_executed type:bitmask default:0x3f
0x01 port0 Uops executed on port 0
0x02 port1 Uops executed on port 1
0x04 port2_core Uops executed on port 2 (core count)
0x08 port3_core Uops executed on port 3 (core count)
0x10 port4_core Uops executed on port 4 (core count)
0x1f core_active_cycles_no_port5 Cycles Uops executed on ports 0-4 (core count)
0x20 port5 Uops executed on port 5
0x3f core_active_cycles Cycles Uops executed on any port (core count)
0x40 port015 Uops issued on ports 0, 1 or 5
0x80 port234_core Uops issued on ports 2, 3 or 4
name:uops_issued type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 any Uops issued
0x02 fused Fused Uops issued
name:uops_retired type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 active_cycles Cycles Uops are being retired
0x02 retire_slots Retirement slots used (Precise Event)
0x04 macro_fused Macro-fused Uops retired (Precise Event)