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* netlink-tc.h Local Traffic Control Interface
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation version 2.1
* of the License.
* Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Thomas Graf <>
#include <netlink-local.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define TCA_ATTR_HANDLE 0x001
#define TCA_ATTR_PARENT 0x002
#define TCA_ATTR_IFINDEX 0x004
#define TCA_ATTR_KIND 0x008
#define TCA_ATTR_FAMILY 0x010
#define TCA_ATTR_INFO 0x020
#define TCA_ATTR_OPTS 0x040
#define TCA_ATTR_STATS 0x080
#define TCA_ATTR_XSTATS 0x100
extern int tca_parse(struct nlattr **, int, struct rtnl_tca *,
struct nla_policy *);
extern int tca_msg_parser(struct nlmsghdr *, struct rtnl_tca *);
extern void tca_free_data(struct rtnl_tca *);
extern int tca_clone(struct rtnl_tca *, struct rtnl_tca *);
extern void tca_dump_line(struct rtnl_tca *, const char *,
struct nl_dump_params *);
extern void tca_dump_details(struct rtnl_tca *, struct nl_dump_params *);
extern void tca_dump_stats(struct rtnl_tca *, struct nl_dump_params *);
extern int tca_compare(struct nl_object *, struct nl_object *, uint32_t, int);
extern void tca_set_ifindex(struct rtnl_tca *, int);
extern int tca_get_ifindex(struct rtnl_tca *);
extern void tca_set_handle(struct rtnl_tca *, uint32_t);
extern uint32_t tca_get_handle(struct rtnl_tca *);
extern void tca_set_parent(struct rtnl_tca *, uint32_t);
extern uint32_t tca_get_parent(struct rtnl_tca *);
extern void tca_set_kind(struct rtnl_tca *, const char *);
extern char *tca_get_kind(struct rtnl_tca *);
extern uint64_t tca_get_stat(struct rtnl_tca *, int );
extern int tca_build_msg(struct rtnl_tca *, int, int, struct nl_msg **);
static inline void *tca_priv(struct rtnl_tca *tca)
return tca->tc_subdata;
static inline void *tca_xstats(struct rtnl_tca *tca)
return tca->tc_xstats->d_data;
#ifdef __cplusplus