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* @file daemon/opd_stats.c
* Management of daemon statistics
* @remark Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
* @remark Read the file COPYING
* @author John Levon
* @author Philippe Elie
#include "opd_stats.h"
#include "opd_extended.h"
#include "oprofiled.h"
#include "op_get_time.h"
#include <dirent.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
unsigned long opd_stats[OPD_MAX_STATS];
* print_if - print an integer value read from file filename,
* do nothing if the value read == -1 except if force is non-zero
static void print_if(char const * fmt, char const * path, char const * filename, int force)
int value = opd_read_fs_int(path, filename, 0);
if (value != -1 || force)
printf(fmt, value);
* opd_print_stats - print out latest statistics
void opd_print_stats(void)
DIR * dir;
struct dirent * dirent;
printf("\n%s\n", op_get_time());
printf("\n-- OProfile Statistics --\n");
printf("Nr. sample dumps: %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_DUMP_COUNT]);
printf("Nr. non-backtrace samples: %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_SAMPLES]);
printf("Nr. kernel samples: %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_KERNEL]);
printf("Nr. lost samples (no kernel/user): %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_NO_CTX]);
printf("Nr. lost kernel samples: %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_LOST_KERNEL]);
printf("Nr. incomplete code structs: %lu\n", opd_stats[OPD_DANGLING_CODE]);
printf("Nr. samples lost due to sample file open failure: %lu\n",
printf("Nr. samples lost due to no permanent mapping: %lu\n",
print_if("Nr. event lost due to buffer overflow: %u\n",
"/dev/oprofile/stats", "event_lost_overflow", 1);
print_if("Nr. samples lost due to no mapping: %u\n",
"/dev/oprofile/stats", "sample_lost_no_mapping", 1);
print_if("Nr. backtraces skipped due to no file mapping: %u\n",
"/dev/oprofile/stats", "bt_lost_no_mapping", 0);
print_if("Nr. samples lost due to no mm: %u\n",
"/dev/oprofile/stats", "sample_lost_no_mm", 1);
if (!(dir = opendir("/dev/oprofile/stats/")))
goto out;
while ((dirent = readdir(dir))) {
int cpu_nr;
char path[256];
if (sscanf(dirent->d_name, "cpu%d", &cpu_nr) != 1)
snprintf(path, 256, "/dev/oprofile/stats/%s", dirent->d_name);
printf("\n---- Statistics for cpu : %d\n", cpu_nr);
print_if("Nr. samples lost cpu buffer overflow: %u\n",
path, "sample_lost_overflow", 1);
print_if("Nr. samples lost task exit: %u\n",
path, "sample_lost_task_exit", 0);
print_if("Nr. samples received: %u\n",
path, "sample_received", 1);
print_if("Nr. backtrace aborted: %u\n",
path, "backtrace_aborted", 0);
print_if("Nr. samples lost invalid pc: %u\n",
path, "sample_invalid_eip", 0);