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Specific installation instructions
In addition to what is described in the INSTALL file, the following
specifics apply to the tftp-hpa package:
The tftp-hpa package supports the following options to ./configure:
Disables the use of the tcp wrapper library. This is
recommended, for performance reasons, on high-use sites.
Kernel-based firewalling is, in general, a better alternative.
Disables the use of regular-expression-based filename
remapping (the -m option to tftpd).
Disables the use of the readline command-line editing library
in the tftp client.
The default prefix for the tftp-hpa package is /usr, with the tftp
client installing as /usr/bin/tftp and the tftpd server installing as
/usr/sbin/in.tftpd on most systems. This can be overridden by setting
--bindir and --sbindir.
"make install" supports specifying an INSTALLROOT, which points to
what will be the root of the filesystem at runtime; this is typically
used when preparing packages for package-management systems.
You almost certainly will need GNU make to build tftp-hpa. If you
don't already have it, you can find GNU make at: