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Broadcom Northstar Plus SoC CPU Enable Method
This binding defines the enable method used for starting secondary
CPU in the following Broadcom SoCs:
BCM58522, BCM58525, BCM58535, BCM58622, BCM58623, BCM58625, BCM88312
The enable method is specified by defining the following required
properties in the corresponding secondary "cpu" device tree node:
- enable-method = "brcm,bcm-nsp-smp";
- secondary-boot-reg = <...>;
The secondary-boot-reg property is a u32 value that specifies the
physical address of the register which should hold the common
entry point for a secondary CPU. This entry is cpu node specific
and should be added per cpu. E.g., in case of NSP (BCM58625) which
is a dual core CPU SoC, this entry should be added to cpu1 node.
cpus {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
cpu0: cpu@0 {
device_type = "cpu";
compatible = "arm,cortex-a9";
next-level-cache = <&L2>;
reg = <0>;
cpu1: cpu@1 {
device_type = "cpu";
compatible = "arm,cortex-a9";
next-level-cache = <&L2>;
enable-method = "brcm,bcm-nsp-smp";
secondary-boot-reg = <0xffff042c>;
reg = <1>;