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Required properties:
- compatible : For Tegra20, must contain "nvidia,tegra20-ahb". For
Tegra30, must contain "nvidia,tegra30-ahb". Otherwise, must contain
'"nvidia,<chip>-ahb", "nvidia,tegra30-ahb"' where <chip> is tegra124,
tegra132, or tegra210.
- reg : Should contain 1 register ranges(address and length). For
Tegra20, Tegra30, and Tegra114 chips, the value must be <0x6000c004
0x10c>. For Tegra124, Tegra132 and Tegra210 chips, the value should
be be <0x6000c000 0x150>.
Example (for a Tegra20 chip):
ahb: ahb@6000c004 {
compatible = "nvidia,tegra20-ahb";
reg = <0x6000c004 0x10c>; /* AHB Arbitration + Gizmo Controller */