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Device-Tree bindings for the NXP TDA998x HDMI transmitter
Required properties;
- compatible: must be "nxp,tda998x"
- reg: I2C address
Required node:
- port: Input port node with endpoint definition, as described
in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/graph.txt
Optional properties:
- interrupts: interrupt number and trigger type
default: polling
- pinctrl-0: pin control group to be used for
screen plug/unplug interrupt.
- pinctrl-names: must contain a "default" entry.
- video-ports: 24 bits value which defines how the video controller
output is wired to the TDA998x input - default: <0x230145>
- audio-ports: array of 8-bit values, 2 values per one DAI[1].
The first value defines the DAI type: TDA998x_SPDIF or TDA998x_I2S[2].
The second value defines the tda998x AP_ENA reg content when the DAI
in question is used. The implementation allows one or two DAIs. If two
DAIs are defined, they must be of different type.
[1] Documentation/sound/alsa/soc/DAI.txt
[2] include/dt-bindings/display/tda998x.h
#include <dt-bindings/display/tda998x.h>
tda998x: hdmi-encoder {
compatible = "nxp,tda998x";
reg = <0x70>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio0>;
interrupts = <27 2>; /* falling edge */
pinctrl-0 = <&pmx_camera>;
pinctrl-names = "default";
video-ports = <0x230145>;
#sound-dai-cells = <2>;
/* DAI-format AP_ENA reg value */
audio-ports = < TDA998x_SPDIF 0x04
TDA998x_I2S 0x03>;