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Device-Tree bindings for drm hdmi driver
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be one among the following:
1) "samsung,exynos4210-hdmi"
2) "samsung,exynos4212-hdmi"
3) "samsung,exynos5420-hdmi"
4) "samsung,exynos5433-hdmi"
- reg: physical base address of the hdmi and length of memory mapped
- interrupts: interrupt number to the cpu.
- hpd-gpios: following information about the hotplug gpio pin.
a) phandle of the gpio controller node.
b) pin number within the gpio controller.
c) optional flags and pull up/down.
- ddc: phandle to the hdmi ddc node
- phy: phandle to the hdmi phy node
- samsung,syscon-phandle: phandle for system controller node for PMU.
Required properties for Exynos 4210, 4212, 5420 and 5433:
- clocks: list of clock IDs from SoC clock driver.
a) hdmi: Gate of HDMI IP bus clock.
b) sclk_hdmi: Gate of HDMI special clock.
c) sclk_pixel: Pixel special clock, one of the two possible inputs of
HDMI clock mux.
d) sclk_hdmiphy: HDMI PHY clock output, one of two possible inputs of
HDMI clock mux.
e) mout_hdmi: It is required by the driver to switch between the 2
parents i.e. sclk_pixel and sclk_hdmiphy. If hdmiphy is stable
after configuration, parent is set to sclk_hdmiphy else
- clock-names: aliases as per driver requirements for above clock IDs:
"hdmi", "sclk_hdmi", "sclk_pixel", "sclk_hdmiphy" and "mout_hdmi".
Required properties for Exynos 5433:
- clocks: list of clock specifiers according to common clock bindings.
a) hdmi_pclk: Gate of HDMI IP APB bus.
b) hdmi_i_pclk: Gate of HDMI-PHY IP APB bus.
d) i_tmds_clk: Gate of HDMI TMDS clock.
e) i_pixel_clk: Gate of HDMI pixel clock.
f) i_spdif_clk: Gate of HDMI SPDIF clock.
g) oscclk: Oscillator clock, used as parent of following *_user clocks
in case HDMI-PHY is not operational.
h) tmds_clko: TMDS clock generated by HDMI-PHY.
i) tmds_clko_user: MUX used to switch between oscclk and tmds_clko,
respectively if HDMI-PHY is off and operational.
j) pixel_clko: Pixel clock generated by HDMI-PHY.
k) pixel_clko_user: MUX used to switch between oscclk and pixel_clko,
respectively if HDMI-PHY is off and operational.
- clock-names: aliases for above clock specfiers.
- samsung,sysreg: handle to syscon used to control the system registers.
hdmi {
compatible = "samsung,exynos4212-hdmi";
reg = <0x14530000 0x100000>;
interrupts = <0 95 0>;
hpd-gpios = <&gpx3 7 1>;
ddc = <&hdmi_ddc_node>;
phy = <&hdmi_phy_node>;
samsung,syscon-phandle = <&pmu_system_controller>;