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Aeroflex Gaisler GRGPIO General Purpose I/O cores.
The GRGPIO GPIO core is available in the GRLIB VHDL IP core library.
Note: In the ordinary environment for the GRGPIO core, a Leon SPARC system,
these properties are built from information in the AMBA plug&play.
Required properties:
- name : Should be "GAISLER_GPIO" or "01_01a"
- reg : Address and length of the register set for the device
- interrupts : Interrupt numbers for this device
Optional properties:
- nbits : The number of gpio lines. If not present driver assumes 32 lines.
- irqmap : An array with an index for each gpio line. An index is either a valid
index into the interrupts property array, or 0xffffffff that indicates
no irq for that line. Driver provides no interrupt support if not
For further information look in the documentation for the GLIB IP core library: