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I2C bus that tunnels through the ChromeOS EC (cros-ec)
On some ChromeOS board designs we've got a connection to the EC (embedded
controller) but no direct connection to some devices on the other side of
the EC (like a battery and PMIC). To get access to those devices we need
to tunnel our i2c commands through the EC.
The node for this device should be under a cros-ec node like google,cros-ec-spi
or google,cros-ec-i2c.
Required properties:
- compatible: google,cros-ec-i2c-tunnel
- google,remote-bus: The EC bus we'd like to talk to.
Optional child nodes:
- One node per I2C device connected to the tunnelled I2C bus.
cros-ec@0 {
compatible = "google,cros-ec-spi";
i2c-tunnel {
compatible = "google,cros-ec-i2c-tunnel";
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
google,remote-bus = <0>;
battery: sbs-battery@b {
compatible = "sbs,sbs-battery";
reg = <0xb>;
sbs,poll-retry-count = <1>;