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STMicroelectronics STi System Configuration Controlled IRQs
On STi based systems; External, CTI (Core Sight), PMU (Performance Management),
and PL310 L2 Cache IRQs are controlled using System Configuration registers.
This driver is used to unmask them prior to use.
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be set to one of:
- st,syscfg : Phandle to Cortex-A9 IRQ system config registers
- st,irq-device : Array of IRQs to enable - should be 2 in length
- st,fiq-device : Array of FIQs to enable - should be 2 in length
Optional properties:
- st,invert-ext : External IRQs can be inverted at will. This property inverts
these IRQs using bitwise logic. A number of defines have been
provided for convenience:
irq-syscfg {
compatible = "st,stih416-irq-syscfg";
st,syscfg = <&syscfg_cpu>;
st,irq-device = <ST_IRQ_SYSCFG_PMU_0>,
st,fiq-device = <ST_IRQ_SYSCFG_DISABLED>,
st,invert-ext = <(ST_IRQ_SYSCFG_EXT_1_INV | ST_IRQ_SYSCFG_EXT_3_INV)>;