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Texas Instruments' Message Manager Driver
The Texas Instruments' Message Manager is a mailbox controller that has
configurable queues selectable at SoC(System on Chip) integration. The Message
manager is broken up into queues in different address regions that are called
"proxies" - each instance is unidirectional and is instantiated at SoC
integration level to indicate receive or transmit path.
Message Manager Device Node:
Required properties:
- compatible: Shall be: "ti,k2g-message-manager"
- reg-names queue_proxy_region - Map the queue proxy region.
queue_state_debug_region - Map the queue state debug
- reg: Contains the register map per reg-names.
- #mbox-cells Shall be 2. Contains the queue ID and proxy ID in that
order referring to the transfer path.
- interrupt-names: Contains interrupt names matching the rx transfer path
for a given SoC. Receive interrupts shall be of the
format: "rx_<QID>_<PID>".
For ti,k2g-message-manager, this shall contain:
"rx_005_002", "rx_057_002"
- interrupts: Contains the interrupt information corresponding to
interrupt-names property.
msgmgr: msgmgr@02a00000 {
compatible = "ti,k2g-message-manager";
#mbox-cells = <2>;
reg-names = "queue_proxy_region", "queue_state_debug_region";
reg = <0x02a00000 0x400000>, <0x028c3400 0x400>;
interrupt-names = "rx_005", "rx_057";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 324 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
pmmc: pmmc {
mbox-names = "rx", "tx";
# RX queue ID is 5, proxy ID is 2
# TX queue ID is 0, proxy ID is 0
mboxes= <&msgmgr 5 2>,
<&msgmgr 0 0>;