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Chips&Media Coda multi-standard codec IP
Coda codec IPs are present in i.MX SoCs in various versions,
called VPU (Video Processing Unit).
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "fsl,<chip>-src" for i.MX SoCs:
(a) "fsl,imx27-vpu" for CodaDx6 present in i.MX27
(b) "fsl,imx53-vpu" for CODA7541 present in i.MX53
(c) "fsl,imx6q-vpu" for CODA960 present in i.MX6q
- reg: should be register base and length as documented in the
SoC reference manual
- interrupts : Should contain the VPU interrupt. For CODA960,
a second interrupt is needed for the MJPEG unit.
- clocks : Should contain the ahb and per clocks, in the order
determined by the clock-names property.
- clock-names : Should be "ahb", "per"
- iram : phandle pointing to the SRAM device node
vpu: vpu@63ff4000 {
compatible = "fsl,imx53-vpu";
reg = <0x63ff4000 0x1000>;
interrupts = <9>;
clocks = <&clks 63>, <&clks 63>;
clock-names = "ahb", "per";
iram = <&ocram>;