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* Texas Instruments TVP514x video decoder
The TVP5146/TVP5146m2/TVP5147/TVP5147m1 device is high quality, single-chip
digital video decoder that digitizes and decodes all popular baseband analog
video formats into digital video component. The tvp514x decoder supports analog-
to-digital (A/D) conversion of component RGB and YPbPr signals as well as A/D
conversion and decoding of NTSC, PAL and SECAM composite and S-video into
component YCbCr.
Required Properties :
- compatible : value should be either one among the following
(a) "ti,tvp5146" for tvp5146 decoder.
(b) "ti,tvp5146m2" for tvp5146m2 decoder.
(c) "ti,tvp5147" for tvp5147 decoder.
(d) "ti,tvp5147m1" for tvp5147m1 decoder.
- hsync-active: HSYNC Polarity configuration for endpoint.
- vsync-active: VSYNC Polarity configuration for endpoint.
- pclk-sample: Clock polarity of the endpoint.
For further reading on port node refer to Documentation/devicetree/bindings/
i2c0@1c22000 {
tvp514x@5c {
compatible = "ti,tvp5146";
reg = <0x5c>;
port {
tvp514x_1: endpoint {
hsync-active = <1>;
vsync-active = <1>;
pclk-sample = <0>;