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Samsung S5C73M3 8Mp camera ISP
The S5C73M3 camera ISP supports MIPI CSI-2 and parallel (ITU-R BT.656) video
data busses. The I2C bus is the main control bus and additionally the SPI bus
is used, mostly for transferring the firmware to and from the device. Two
slave device nodes corresponding to these control bus interfaces are required
and should be placed under respective bus controller nodes.
I2C slave device node
Required properties:
- compatible : "samsung,s5c73m3";
- reg : I2C slave address of the sensor;
- vdd-int-supply : digital power supply (1.2V);
- vdda-supply : analog power supply (1.2V);
- vdd-reg-supply : regulator input power supply (2.8V);
- vddio-host-supply : host I/O power supply (1.8V to 2.8V);
- vddio-cis-supply : CIS I/O power supply (1.2V to 1.8V);
- vdd-af-supply : lens power supply (2.8V);
- xshutdown-gpios : specifier of GPIO connected to the XSHUTDOWN pin;
- standby-gpios : specifier of GPIO connected to the STANDBY pin;
- clocks : should contain list of phandle and clock specifier pairs
according to common clock bindings for the clocks described
in the clock-names property;
- clock-names : should contain "cis_extclk" entry for the CIS_EXTCLK clock;
Optional properties:
- clock-frequency : the frequency at which the "cis_extclk" clock should be
configured to operate, in Hz; if this property is not
specified default 24 MHz value will be used.
The common video interfaces bindings (see video-interfaces.txt) should be used
to specify link from the S5C73M3 to an external image data receiver. The S5C73M3
device node should contain one 'port' child node with an 'endpoint' subnode for
this purpose. The data link from a raw image sensor to the S5C73M3 can be
similarly specified, but it is optional since the S5C73M3 ISP and a raw image
sensor are usually inseparable and form a hybrid module.
Following properties are valid for the endpoint node(s):
endpoint subnode
- data-lanes : (optional) specifies MIPI CSI-2 data lanes as covered in
video-interfaces.txt. This sensor doesn't support data lane remapping
and physical lane indexes in subsequent elements of the array should
be only consecutive ascending values.
SPI device node
Required properties:
- compatible : "samsung,s5c73m3";
For more details see description of the SPI busses bindings
(../spi/spi-bus.txt) and bindings of a specific bus controller.
i2c@138A000000 {
s5c73m3@3c {
compatible = "samsung,s5c73m3";
reg = <0x3c>;
vdd-int-supply = <&buck9_reg>;
vdda-supply = <&ldo17_reg>;
vdd-reg-supply = <&cam_io_reg>;
vddio-host-supply = <&ldo18_reg>;
vddio-cis-supply = <&ldo9_reg>;
vdd-af-supply = <&cam_af_reg>;
clock-frequency = <24000000>;
clocks = <&clk 0>;
clock-names = "cis_extclk";
reset-gpios = <&gpf1 3 1>;
standby-gpios = <&gpm0 1 1>;
port {
s5c73m3_ep: endpoint {
remote-endpoint = <&csis0_ep>;
data-lanes = <1 2 3 4>;
spi@1392000 {
s5c73m3_spi: s5c73m3@0 {
compatible = "samsung,s5c73m3";
reg = <0>;