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Texas Instruments TWL family (twl4030) audio module
The audio module inside the TWL family consist of an audio codec and a vibra
Required properties:
- compatible : must be "ti,twl4030-audio"
Optional properties, nodes:
Audio functionality:
- codec { }: Need to be present if the audio functionality is used. Within this
section the following options can be used:
- ti,digimic_delay: Delay need after enabling the digimic to reduce artifacts
from the start of the recorded sample (in ms)
-ti,ramp_delay_value: HS ramp delay configuration to reduce pop noise
-ti,hs_extmute: Use external mute for HS pop reduction
-ti,hs_extmute_gpio: Use external GPIO to control the external mute
-ti,offset_cncl_path: Offset cancellation path selection, refer to TRM for the
valid values.
Vibra functionality
- ti,enable-vibra: Need to be set to <1> if the vibra functionality is used. if
missing or it is 0, the vibra functionality is disabled.
&i2c1 {
clock-frequency = <2600000>;
twl: twl@48 {
reg = <0x48>;
interrupts = <7>; /* SYS_NIRQ cascaded to intc */
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
twl_audio: audio {
compatible = "ti,twl4030-audio";
ti,enable-vibra = <1>;
codec {
ti,ramp_delay_value = <3>;