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* Broadcom UniMAC MDIO bus controller
Required properties:
- compatible: should one from "brcm,genet-mdio-v1", "brcm,genet-mdio-v2",
"brcm,genet-mdio-v3", "brcm,genet-mdio-v4" or "brcm,unimac-mdio"
- reg: address and length of the regsiter set for the device, first one is the
base register, and the second one is optional and for indirect accesses to
larger than 16-bits MDIO transactions
- reg-names: name(s) of the register must be "mdio" and optional "mdio_indir_rw"
- #size-cells: must be 1
- #address-cells: must be 0
Optional properties:
- interrupts: must be one if the interrupt is shared with the Ethernet MAC or
Ethernet switch this MDIO block is integrated from, or must be two, if there
are two separate interrupts, first one must be "mdio done" and second must be
for "mdio error"
- interrupt-names: must be "mdio_done_error" when there is a share interrupt fed
to this hardware block, or must be "mdio_done" for the first interrupt and
"mdio_error" for the second when there are separate interrupts
Child nodes of this MDIO bus controller node are standard Ethernet PHY device
nodes as described in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/phy.txt
mdio@403c0 {
compatible = "brcm,unimac-mdio";
reg = <0x403c0 0x8 0x40300 0x18>;
reg-names = "mdio", "mdio_indir_rw";
#size-cells = <1>;
#address-cells = <0>;
phy@0 {
compatible = "ethernet-phy-ieee802.3-c22";
reg = <0>;