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* MIX Ethernet controller.
- compatible: "cavium,octeon-5750-mix"
Compatibility with all cn5XXX and cn6XXX SOCs populated with MIX
- reg: The base addresses of four separate register banks. The first
bank contains the MIX registers. The second bank the corresponding
AGL registers. The third bank are the AGL registers shared by all
MIX devices present. The fourth bank is the AGL_PRT_CTL shared by
all MIX devices present.
- cell-index: A single cell specifying which portion of the shared
register banks corresponds to this MIX device.
- interrupts: Two interrupt specifiers. The first is the MIX
interrupt routing and the second the routing for the AGL interrupts.
- phy-handle: Optional, see ethernet.txt file in the same directory.
ethernet@1070000100800 {
compatible = "cavium,octeon-5750-mix";
reg = <0x10700 0x00100800 0x0 0x100>, /* MIX */
<0x11800 0xE0000800 0x0 0x300>, /* AGL */
<0x11800 0xE0000400 0x0 0x400>, /* AGL_SHARED */
<0x11800 0xE0002008 0x0 0x8>; /* AGL_PRT_CTL */
cell-index = <1>;
interrupts = <1 18>, < 1 46>;
local-mac-address = [ 00 0f b7 10 63 54 ];
phy-handle = <&phy1>;