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Broadcom Cygnus IOMUX Controller
The Cygnus IOMUX controller supports group based mux configuration. In
addition, certain pins can be muxed to GPIO function individually.
Required properties:
- compatible:
Must be "brcm,cygnus-pinmux"
- reg:
Define the base and range of the I/O address space that contains the Cygnus
IOMUX registers
Properties in subnodes:
- function:
The mux function to select
- groups:
The list of groups to select with a given function
For more details, refer to
For example:
pinmux: pinmux@0x0301d0c8 {
compatible = "brcm,cygnus-pinmux";
reg = <0x0301d0c8 0x1b0>;
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&i2s0_default>;
i2s0_default: i2s0_default {
mux {
function = "i2s0";
groups = "i2s0_0_grp", "i2s0_1_grp";
List of supported functions and groups in Cygnus:
"i2s0": "i2s0_0_grp", "i2s0_1_grp"
"i2s1": "i2s1_0_grp", "i2s1_1_grp"
"i2s2": "i2s2_0_grp", "i2s2_1_grp", "i2s2_2_grp", "i2s2_3_grp", "i2s2_4_grp"
"spdif": "spdif_grp"
"pwm0": "pwm0_grp"
"pwm1": "pwm1_grp"
"pwm2": "pwm2_grp"
"pwm3": "pwm3_grp"
"pwm4": "pwm4_grp"
"pwm5": "pwm5_grp"
"key": "key0_grp", "key1_grp", "key2_grp", "key3_grp", "key4_grp", "key5_grp",
"key6_grp", "key7_grp", "key8_grp", "key9_grp", "key10_grp", "key11_grp",
"key12_grp", "key13_grp", "key14_grp", "key15_grp"
"audio_dte": "audio_dte0_grp", "audio_dte1_grp", "audio_dte2_grp", "audio_dte3_grp"
"smart_card0": "smart_card0_grp", "smart_card0_fcb_grp"
"smart_card1": "smart_card1_grp", "smart_card1_fcb_grp"
"spi0": "spi0_grp"
"spi1": "spi1_grp"
"spi2": "spi2_grp"
"spi3": "spi3_grp"
"spi4": "spi4_0_grp", "spi4_1_grp"
"spi5": "spi5_grp"
"sw_led0": "sw_led0_0_grp", "sw_led0_1_grp"
"sw_led1": "sw_led1_grp"
"sw_led2": "sw_led2_0_grp", "sw_led2_1_grp"
"d1w": "d1w_grp"
"lcd": "lcd_grp"
"sram": "sram_0_grp", "sram_1_grp"
"uart0": "uart0_grp"
"uart1": "uart1_grp", "uart1_dte_grp"
"uart2": "uart2_grp"
"uart3": "uart3_grp"
"uart4": "uart4_grp"
"qspi": "qspi_0_grp", "qspi_1_grp"
"nand": "nand_grp"
"sdio0": "sdio0_grp", "sdio0_cd_grp", "sdio0_mmc_grp"
"sdio1": "sdio1_data_0_grp", "sdio1_data_1_grp", "sdio1_cd_grp",
"sdio1_led_grp", "sdio1_mmc_grp"
"can0": "can0_grp"
"can1": "can1_grp"
"cam": "cam_led_grp", "cam_0_grp", "cam_1_grp"
"bsc1": "bsc1_grp"
"pcie_clkreq": "pcie_clkreq_grp"
"usb0_oc": "usb0_oc_grp"
"usb1_oc": "usb1_oc_grp"
"usb2_oc": "usb2_oc_grp"