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Device Tree bindings for the Armada 370 DB audio
These Device Tree bindings are used to describe the audio complex
found on the Armada 370 DB platform.
Mandatory properties:
* compatible: must be "marvell,a370db-audio"
* marvell,audio-controller: a phandle that points to the audio
controller of the Armada 370 SoC.
* marvell,audio-codec: a set of three phandles that points to:
1/ the analog audio codec connected to the Armada 370 SoC
2/ the S/PDIF transceiver
3/ the S/PDIF receiver
sound {
compatible = "marvell,a370db-audio";
marvell,audio-controller = <&audio_controller>;
marvell,audio-codec = <&audio_codec &spdif_out &spdif_in>;
status = "okay";