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* Texas Instruments SoC audio setups with TLV320AIC3X Codec
Required properties:
- compatible : "ti,da830-evm-audio" : forDM365/DA8xx/OMAPL1x/AM33xx
- ti,model : The user-visible name of this sound complex.
- ti,audio-codec : The phandle of the TLV320AIC3x audio codec
- ti,mcasp-controller : The phandle of the McASP controller
- ti,audio-routing : A list of the connections between audio components.
Each entry is a pair of strings, the first being the connection's sink,
the second being the connection's source. Valid names for sources and
sinks are the codec's pins, and the jacks on the board:
Optional properties:
- ti,codec-clock-rate : The Codec Clock rate (in Hz) applied to the Codec.
- clocks : Reference to the master clock
- clock-names : The clock should be named "mclk"
- Either codec-clock-rate or the codec-clock reference has to be defined. If
the both are defined the driver attempts to set referenced clock to the
defined rate and takes the rate from the clock reference.
Board connectors:
* Headphone Jack
* Line Out
* Mic Jack
* Line In
sound {
compatible = "ti,da830-evm-audio";
ti,model = "DA830 EVM";
ti,audio-codec = <&tlv320aic3x>;
ti,mcasp-controller = <&mcasp1>;
ti,codec-clock-rate = <12000000>;
ti,audio-routing =
"Headphone Jack", "HPLOUT",
"Headphone Jack", "HPROUT",
"Line Out", "LLOUT",
"Line Out", "RLOUT",
"MIC3L", "Mic Bias 2V",
"MIC3R", "Mic Bias 2V",
"Mic Bias 2V", "Mic Jack",
"LINE1L", "Line In",
"LINE2L", "Line In",
"LINE1R", "Line In",
"LINE2R", "Line In";