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Broadcom GISB bus Arbiter controller
Required properties:
- compatible:
"brcm,gisb-arb" or "brcm,bcm7445-gisb-arb" for 28nm chips
"brcm,bcm7435-gisb-arb" for newer 40nm chips
"brcm,bcm7400-gisb-arb" for older 40nm chips and all 65nm chips
"brcm,bcm7038-gisb-arb" for 130nm chips
- reg: specifies the base physical address and size of the registers
- interrupt-parent: specifies the phandle to the parent interrupt controller
this arbiter gets interrupt line from
- interrupts: specifies the two interrupts (timeout and TEA) to be used from
the parent interrupt controller
Optional properties:
- brcm,gisb-arb-master-mask: 32-bits wide bitmask used to specify which GISB
masters are valid at the system level
- brcm,gisb-arb-master-names: string list of the litteral name of the GISB
masters. Should match the number of bits set in brcm,gisb-master-mask and
the order in which they appear
gisb-arb@f0400000 {
compatible = "brcm,gisb-arb";
reg = <0xf0400000 0x800>;
interrupts = <0>, <2>;
interrupt-parent = <&sun_l2_intc>;
brcm,gisb-arb-master-mask = <0x7>;
brcm,gisb-arb-master-names = "bsp_0", "scpu_0", "cpu_0";