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* Renesas R8A7779 Clock Pulse Generator (CPG)
The CPG generates core clocks for the R8A7779. It includes one PLL and
several fixed ratio dividers
Required Properties:
- compatible: Must be "renesas,r8a7779-cpg-clocks"
- reg: Base address and length of the memory resource used by the CPG
- clocks: Reference to the parent clock
- #clock-cells: Must be 1
- clock-output-names: The names of the clocks. Supported clocks are "plla",
"z", "zs", "s", "s1", "p", "b", "out".
cpg_clocks: cpg_clocks@ffc80000 {
compatible = "renesas,r8a7779-cpg-clocks";
reg = <0 0xffc80000 0 0x30>;
clocks = <&extal_clk>;
#clock-cells = <1>;
clock-output-names = "plla", "z", "zs", "s", "s1", "p",
"b", "out";