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STMicroelectronics MEMS sensors
The STMicroelectronics sensor devices are pretty straight-forward I2C or
SPI devices, all sharing the same device tree descriptions no matter what
type of sensor it is.
Required properties:
- compatible: see the list of valid compatible strings below
- reg: the I2C or SPI address the device will respond to
Optional properties:
- vdd-supply: an optional regulator that needs to be on to provide VDD
power to the sensor.
- vddio-supply: an optional regulator that needs to be on to provide the
VDD IO power to the sensor.
- st,drdy-int-pin: the pin on the package that will be used to signal
"data ready" (valid values: 1 or 2). This property is not configurable
on all sensors.
Sensors may also have applicable pin control settings, those use the
standard bindings from pinctrl/pinctrl-bindings.txt.
Valid compatible strings:
- st,lis3lv02dl-accel
- st,lsm303dlh-accel
- st,lsm303dlhc-accel
- st,lis3dh-accel
- st,lsm330d-accel
- st,lsm330dl-accel
- st,lsm330dlc-accel
- st,lis331dlh-accel
- st,lsm303dl-accel
- st,lsm303dlm-accel
- st,lsm330-accel
- st,l3g4200d-gyro
- st,lsm330d-gyro
- st,lsm330dl-gyro
- st,lsm330dlc-gyro
- st,l3gd20-gyro
- st,l3g4is-gyro
- st,lsm330-gyro
- st,lsm303dlhc-magn
- st,lsm303dlm-magn
- st,lis3mdl-magn
Pressure sensors:
- st,lps001wp-press
- st,lps25h-press
- st,lps331ap-press