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DT bindings for the R-/SH-Mobile irqpin controller
Required properties:
- compatible: has to be "renesas,intc-irqpin-<soctype>", "renesas,intc-irqpin"
as fallback.
Examples with soctypes are:
- "renesas,intc-irqpin-r8a7740" (R-Mobile A1)
- "renesas,intc-irqpin-r8a7778" (R-Car M1A)
- "renesas,intc-irqpin-r8a7779" (R-Car H1)
- "renesas,intc-irqpin-sh73a0" (SH-Mobile AG5)
- reg: Base address and length of each register bank used by the external
IRQ pins driven by the interrupt controller hardware module. The base
addresses, length and number of required register banks varies with soctype.
- #interrupt-cells: has to be <2>: an interrupt index and flags, as defined in
interrupts.txt in this directory
Optional properties:
- any properties, listed in interrupts.txt, and any standard resource allocation
- sense-bitfield-width: width of a single sense bitfield in the SENSE register,
if different from the default 4 bits
- control-parent: disable and enable interrupts on the parent interrupt
controller, needed for some broken implementations