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Samsung S5K6A3(YX) raw image sensor
S5K6A3(YX) is a raw image sensor with MIPI CSI-2 and CCP2 image data interfaces
and CCI (I2C compatible) control bus.
Required properties:
- compatible : "samsung,s5k6a3";
- reg : I2C slave address of the sensor;
- svdda-supply : core voltage supply;
- svddio-supply : I/O voltage supply;
- afvdd-supply : AF (actuator) voltage supply;
- gpios : specifier of a GPIO connected to the RESET pin;
- clocks : should contain list of phandle and clock specifier pairs
according to common clock bindings for the clocks described
in the clock-names property;
- clock-names : should contain "extclk" entry for the sensor's EXTCLK clock;
Optional properties:
- clock-frequency : the frequency at which the "extclk" clock should be
configured to operate, in Hz; if this property is not
specified default 24 MHz value will be used.
The common video interfaces bindings (see video-interfaces.txt) should be
used to specify link to the image data receiver. The S5K6A3(YX) device
node should contain one 'port' child node with an 'endpoint' subnode.
Following properties are valid for the endpoint node:
- data-lanes : (optional) specifies MIPI CSI-2 data lanes as covered in
video-interfaces.txt. The sensor supports only one data lane.