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* Marvell sdhci-pxa v2/v3 controller
This file documents differences between the core properties in mmc.txt
and the properties used by the sdhci-pxav2 and sdhci-pxav3 drivers.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "mrvl,pxav2-mmc", "mrvl,pxav3-mmc" or
- reg:
* for "mrvl,pxav2-mmc" and "mrvl,pxav3-mmc", one register area for
the SDHCI registers.
* for "marvell,armada-380-sdhci", three register areas. The first
one for the SDHCI registers themselves, the second one for the
AXI/Mbus bridge registers of the SDHCI unit, the third one for the
SDIO3 Configuration register
- reg names: should be "sdhci", "mbus", "conf-sdio3". only mandatory
for "marvell,armada-380-sdhci"
- clocks: Array of clocks required for SDHCI; requires at least one for
I/O clock.
- clock-names: Array of names corresponding to clocks property; shall be
"io" for I/O clock and "core" for optional core clock.
Optional properties:
- mrvl,clk-delay-cycles: Specify a number of cycles to delay for tuning.
sdhci@d4280800 {
compatible = "mrvl,pxav3-mmc";
reg = <0xd4280800 0x800>;
bus-width = <8>;
interrupts = <27>;
clocks = <&chip CLKID_SDIO1XIN>, <&chip CLKID_SDIO1>;
clock-names = "io", "core";
mrvl,clk-delay-cycles = <31>;
sdhci@d8000 {
compatible = "marvell,armada-380-sdhci";
reg-names = "sdhci", "mbus", "conf-sdio3";
reg = <0xd8000 0x1000>,
<0xdc000 0x100>;
<0x18454 0x4>;
interrupts = <0 25 0x4>;
clocks = <&gateclk 17>;
clock-names = "io";
mrvl,clk-delay-cycles = <0x1F>;