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TI Real Time Clock
Required properties:
- compatible:
- "ti,da830-rtc" - for RTC IP used similar to that on DA8xx SoC family.
- "ti,am3352-rtc" - for RTC IP used similar to that on AM335x SoC family.
This RTC IP has special WAKE-EN Register to enable
Wakeup generation for event Alarm. It can also be
used to control an external PMIC via the
pmic_power_en pin.
- reg: Address range of rtc register set
- interrupts: rtc timer, alarm interrupts in order
- interrupt-parent: phandle for the interrupt controller
Optional properties:
- system-power-controller: whether the rtc is controlling the system power
through pmic_power_en
rtc@1c23000 {
compatible = "ti,da830-rtc";
reg = <0x23000 0x1000>;
interrupts = <19
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;