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Device-Tree bindings for Samsung Exynos7 SoC display controller (DECON)
DECON (Display and Enhancement Controller) is the Display Controller for the
Exynos7 series of SoCs which transfers the image data from a video memory
buffer to an external LCD interface.
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be "samsung,exynos7-decon";
- reg: physical base address and length of the DECON registers set.
- interrupt-parent: should be the phandle of the decon controller's
parent interrupt controller.
- interrupts: should contain a list of all DECON IP block interrupts in the
order: FIFO Level, VSYNC, LCD_SYSTEM. The interrupt specifier
format depends on the interrupt controller used.
- interrupt-names: should contain the interrupt names: "fifo", "vsync",
"lcd_sys", in the same order as they were listed in the interrupts
- pinctrl-0: pin control group to be used for this controller.
- pinctrl-names: must contain a "default" entry.
- clocks: must include clock specifiers corresponding to entries in the
clock-names property.
- clock-names: list of clock names sorted in the same order as the clocks
property. Must contain "pclk_decon0", "aclk_decon0",
"decon0_eclk", "decon0_vclk".
- i80-if-timings: timing configuration for lcd i80 interface support.
Optional Properties:
- samsung,power-domain: a phandle to DECON power domain node.
- display-timings: timing settings for DECON, as described in document [1].
Can be used in case timings cannot be provided otherwise
or to override timings provided by the panel.
[1]: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/video/display-timing.txt
SoC specific DT entry:
decon@13930000 {
compatible = "samsung,exynos7-decon";
interrupt-parent = <&combiner>;
reg = <0x13930000 0x1000>;
interrupt-names = "lcd_sys", "vsync", "fifo";
interrupts = <0 188 0>, <0 189 0>, <0 190 0>;
clocks = <&clock_disp PCLK_DECON_INT>,
<&clock_disp ACLK_DECON_INT>,
<&clock_disp SCLK_DECON_INT_ECLK>,
clock-names = "pclk_decon0", "aclk_decon0", "decon0_eclk",
status = "disabled";
Board specific DT entry:
decon@13930000 {
pinctrl-0 = <&lcd_clk &pwm1_out>;
pinctrl-names = "default";
status = "okay";