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Simtec Electronics EB2410ITX (BAST)
The EB2410ITX is a S3C2410 based development board with a variety of
peripherals and expansion connectors. This board is also known by
the shortened name of Bast.
To set the default configuration, use `make bast_defconfig` which
supports the commonly used features of this board.
Official support information can be found on the Simtec Electronics
website, at the product page
Useful links:
- Resources Page
- Board FAQ at
- Bootloader info
and FAQ
The NAND and NOR support has been merged from the linux-mtd project.
Any problems, see for more
information or up-to-date versions of linux-mtd.
Both onboard IDE ports are supported, however there is no support for
changing speed of devices, PIO Mode 4 capable drives should be used.
This board is maintained by Simtec Electronics.
Copyright 2004 Ben Dooks, Simtec Electronics