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struct tegra_xusb_phy;
* tegra_xusb_phy_get() - obtain a reference to a specified padctl PHY
* @type: the type of PHY to obtain
* The type of PHY varies between SoC generations. Typically there are XUSB,
* PCIe and SATA PHYs, though not all generations support all of them. The
* value of type can usually be directly parsed from a device tree.
* Return: a pointer to the PHY or NULL if no such PHY exists
struct tegra_xusb_phy *tegra_xusb_phy_get(unsigned int type);
void tegra_xusb_padctl_init(const void *fdt);
int tegra_xusb_phy_prepare(struct tegra_xusb_phy *phy);
int tegra_xusb_phy_enable(struct tegra_xusb_phy *phy);
int tegra_xusb_phy_disable(struct tegra_xusb_phy *phy);
int tegra_xusb_phy_unprepare(struct tegra_xusb_phy *phy);