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* MSM Timer
- compatible : Should at least contain "qcom,msm-timer". More specific
properties specify which subsystem the timers are paired with.
"qcom,kpss-timer" - krait subsystem
"qcom,scss-timer" - scorpion subsystem
- interrupts : Interrupts for the debug timer, the first general purpose
timer, and optionally a second general purpose timer, and
optionally as well, 2 watchdog interrupts, in that order.
- reg : Specifies the base address of the timer registers.
- clocks: Reference to the parent clocks, one per output clock. The parents
must appear in the same order as the clock names.
- clock-names: The name of the clocks as free-form strings. They should be in
the same order as the clocks.
- clock-frequency : The frequency of the debug timer and the general purpose
timer(s) in Hz in that order.
- cpu-offset : per-cpu offset used when the timer is accessed without the
CPU remapping facilities. The offset is
cpu-offset + (0x10000 * cpu-nr).
timer@200a000 {
compatible = "qcom,scss-timer", "qcom,msm-timer";
interrupts = <1 1 0x301>,
<1 2 0x301>,
<1 3 0x301>,
<1 4 0x301>,
<1 5 0x301>;
reg = <0x0200a000 0x100>;
clock-frequency = <19200000>,
clocks = <&sleep_clk>;
clock-names = "sleep";
cpu-offset = <0x40000>;