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Micrel PHY properties.
These properties cover the base properties Micrel PHYs.
Optional properties:
- micrel,led-mode : LED mode value to set for PHYs with configurable LEDs.
Configure the LED mode with single value. The list of PHYs and the
bits that are currently supported:
KSZ8001: register 0x1e, bits 15..14
KSZ8041: register 0x1e, bits 15..14
KSZ8021: register 0x1f, bits 5..4
KSZ8031: register 0x1f, bits 5..4
KSZ8051: register 0x1f, bits 5..4
KSZ8081: register 0x1f, bits 5..4
KSZ8091: register 0x1f, bits 5..4
See the respective PHY datasheet for the mode values.
- micrel,rmii-reference-clock-select-25-mhz: RMII Reference Clock Select
bit selects 25 MHz mode
Setting the RMII Reference Clock Select bit enables 25 MHz rather
than 50 MHz clock mode.
Note that this option in only needed for certain PHY revisions with a
non-standard, inverted function of this configuration bit.
Specifically, a clock reference ("rmii-ref" below) is always needed to
actually select a mode.
- clocks, clock-names: contains clocks according to the common clock bindings.
supported clocks:
- KSZ8021, KSZ8031, KSZ8081, KSZ8091: "rmii-ref": The RMII reference
input clock. Used to determine the XI input clock.