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Freescale Digital Audio Mux (AUDMUX) device
Required properties:
- compatible : "fsl,imx21-audmux" for AUDMUX version firstly used
on i.MX21, or "fsl,imx31-audmux" for the version
firstly used on i.MX31.
- reg : Should contain AUDMUX registers location and length.
An initial configuration can be setup using child nodes.
Required properties of optional child nodes:
- fsl,audmux-port : Integer of the audmux port that is configured by this
child node.
- fsl,port-config : List of configuration options for the specific port.
For imx31-audmux and above, it is a list of tuples
<ptcr pdcr>. For imx21-audmux it is a list of pcr
audmux@021d8000 {
compatible = "fsl,imx6q-audmux", "fsl,imx31-audmux";
reg = <0x021d8000 0x4000>;