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Freescale CoreNet Coherency Fabric(CCF) Device Tree Binding
The CoreNet coherency fabric is a fabric-oriented, connectivity infrastructure
that enables the implementation of coherent, multicore systems.
Required properties:
- compatible: <string list>
fsl,corenet1-cf - CoreNet coherency fabric version 1.
Example chips: T4240, B4860
fsl,corenet2-cf - CoreNet coherency fabric version 2.
Example chips: P5040, P5020, P4080, P3041, P2041
fsl,corenet-cf - Used to represent the common registers
between CCF version 1 and CCF version 2. This compatible
is retained for compatibility reasons, as it was already
used for both CCF version 1 chips and CCF version 2
chips. It should be specified after either
"fsl,corenet1-cf" or "fsl,corenet2-cf".
- reg: <prop-encoded-array>
A standard property. Represents the CCF registers.
- interrupts: <prop-encoded-array>
Interrupt mapping for CCF error interrupt.
- fsl,ccf-num-csdids: <u32>
Specifies the number of Coherency Subdomain ID Port Mapping
Registers that are supported by the CCF.
- fsl,ccf-num-snoopids: <u32>
Specifies the number of Snoop ID Port Mapping Registers that
are supported by CCF.
corenet-cf@18000 {
compatible = "fsl,corenet2-cf", "fsl,corenet-cf";
reg = <0x18000 0x1000>;
interrupts = <16 2 1 31>;
fsl,ccf-num-csdids = <32>;
fsl,ccf-num-snoopids = <32>;