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Fax with isdn4linux
When enabled during kernel configuration, the tty emulator
of the ISDN subsystem is capable of the Fax Class 2 commands.
This only makes sense under the following conditions :
- You need the commands as dummy, because you are using
hylafax (with patch) for AVM capi.
- You want to use the fax capabilities of your isdn-card.
(supported cards are listed below)
NOTE: This implementation does *not* support fax with passive
ISDN-cards (known as softfax). The low-level driver of
the ISDN-card and/or the card itself must support this.
Supported ISDN-Cards
Eicon DIVA Server BRI/PCI
- full support with both B-channels.
Eicon DIVA Server 4BRI/PCI
- full support with all B-channels.
Eicon DIVA Server PRI/PCI
- full support on amount of B-channels
depending on DSPs on board.
The command set is known as Class 2 (not Class 2.0) and
can be activated by AT+FCLASS=2
The interface between the link-level-module and the hardware-level driver
is described in the files INTERFACE.fax and INTERFACE.