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* Copyright (C) 2014, Bin Meng <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <config.h>
#include <asm/post.h>
.globl car_init
* Note: ebp holds the BIST value (built-in self test) so far, but ebp
* will be destroyed through the FSP call, thus we have to test the
* BIST value here before we call into FSP.
test %ebp, %ebp
jz car_init_start
jmp die
lea find_fsp_header_romstack, %esp
jmp find_fsp_header
/* EAX points to FSP_INFO_HEADER */
mov %eax, %ebp
/* sanity test */
cmp $CONFIG_FSP_ADDR, %eax
jb die
/* calculate TempRamInitEntry address */
mov 0x30(%ebp), %eax
add 0x1c(%ebp), %eax
/* call FSP TempRamInitEntry to setup temporary stack */
lea temp_ram_init_romstack, %esp
jmp *%eax
addl $4, %esp
cmp $0, %eax
jnz car_init_fail
* The FSP TempRamInit initializes the ecx and edx registers to
* point to a temporary but writable memory range (Cache-As-RAM).
* ecx: the start of this temporary memory range,
* edx: the end of this range.
/* stack grows down from top of CAR */
movl %edx, %esp
* According to FSP architecture spec, the fsp_init() will not return
* to its caller, instead it requires the bootloader to provide a
* so-called continuation function to pass into the FSP as a parameter
* of fsp_init, and fsp_init() will call that continuation function
* directly.
* The call to fsp_init() may need to be moved out of the car_init()
* to cpu_init_f() with the help of some inline assembly codes.
* Note there is another issue that fsp_init() will setup another stack
* using the fsp_init parameter stack_top after DRAM is initialized,
* which means any data on the previous stack (on the CAR) gets lost
* (ie: U-Boot global_data). FSP is supposed to support such scenario,
* however it does not work. This should be revisited in the future.
xorl %edx, %edx
xorl %ecx, %ecx
call fsp_init
.global fsp_init_done
* We come here from FspInit with eax pointing to the HOB list.
* Save eax to esi temporarily.
movl %eax, %esi
* Re-initialize the ebp (BIST) to zero, as we already reach here
* which means we passed BIST testing before.
xorl %ebp, %ebp
jmp car_init_ret
jmp die
* The function call before CAR initialization is tricky. It cannot
* be called using the 'call' instruction but only the 'jmp' with
* the help of a handcrafted stack in the ROM. The stack needs to
* contain the function return address as well as the parameters.
.balign 4
.long find_fsp_header_ret
.balign 4
.long temp_ram_init_ret
.long temp_ram_init_params
/* These next two fields are filled in by ifdtool */
.long 0 /* microcode base */
.long 0 /* microcode size */
.long CONFIG_SYS_MONITOR_BASE /* code region base */
.long CONFIG_SYS_MONITOR_LEN /* code region size */