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#ifndef forPublicRelease
$Log: TargetConditionals.h,v $
Revision 1.1 2006/06/07 00:51:05 seangies
Added windows-specific project files and code.
Revision 1.3 2005/09/27 19:10:13 bpietsch
Merge QT7Branch (QT7Base0 -> QTMerge33_QT702_to_TOT_QT7) Shipped: QT702GM
==> Top Of Tree PreMerge: QTMerge33_QT702_to_TOT_TOT PostMerge: QTMerge33_QT702_to_TOT
Revision 1.2 2005/09/23 02:39:02 bpietsch
QT702GM to TOT merge -- files added on QT7Branch that were not added to TOT <dkudo>
Revision 2005/08/24 21:17:22 duano
Add forPublicRelease conditional so we can sanitize this header for use in the Windows SDK. [4181600]
Revision 1.1 2003/05/15 22:15:13 jsam
Renamed from TargetConditionals.h. Only used on non-mac. <grc>
Revision 1.3 2003/04/03 19:17:36 thaiwey
Add this for windows build after big header change.
Revision 1.1 2002/12/02 18:30:39 gregc
First time.
Note: This file exists only to serve the Windows build
File: TargetConditionals.h
Copyright: © 2002-2005 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved.
Simple redirect header to ConditionalMacros.h for use on Windows.
#if !defined(__TargetConditionals_h__)
#define __TargetConditionals_h__
#include "ConditionalMacros.h"