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* date_test.c
* CFLite
* A compilation of various examples from the "Date and Times Programming Guide for CoreFoundation".
#include <stdio.h>
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>
bool check_date_constructors ()
CFAbsoluteTime absTime;
CFDateRef aCFDate;
CFShow(CFSTR("Checking date constructors:"));
absTime = CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent();
aCFDate = CFDateCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, absTime);
CFShow(CFSTR("Absolute Time is"));
printf("The current absolute time is %f\n", absTime);
CFShow(CFSTR("Equivalent CFDate object is"));
return true;
bool check_date_comparison ()
CFDateRef date1, date2;
// Standard Core Foundation comparison result.
CFComparisonResult result;
CFShow(CFSTR("Checking date comparison functions:"));
// Create two CFDates from absolute time.
date1 = CFDateCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent());
date2 = CFDateCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent());
// Pass NULL for the context param.
result = CFDateCompare(date1, date2, NULL);
switch (result) {
case kCFCompareLessThan:
CFShow(CFSTR("date1 is before date2!\n"));
case kCFCompareEqualTo:
CFShow(CFSTR("date1 is the same as date2!\n"));
case kCFCompareGreaterThan:
CFShow(CFSTR("date1 is after date2!\n"));
return true;
bool check_gregorian_dates ()
Boolean status;
CFGregorianDate gregDate;
CFAbsoluteTime absTime;
long weekOfYear, dayOfWeek;
CFShow(CFSTR("Checking Gregorian date functions"));
// Construct a Gregorian date.
gregDate.year = 1999;
gregDate.month = 11; = 23;
gregDate.hour = 17;
gregDate.minute = 33;
gregDate.second = 22.7;
// Check the validity of the date.
status = CFGregorianDateIsValid(gregDate, kCFGregorianAllUnits);
printf("Is my Gregorian date valid? %d\n", status);
// Convert the Gregorian date to absolute time.
absTime = CFGregorianDateGetAbsoluteTime(gregDate, NULL);
printf("The Absolute Time from a Gregorian date is: %f\n", absTime);
CFShow(CFSTR("This corresponds to the following:"));
weekOfYear = CFAbsoluteTimeGetWeekOfYear (absTime, NULL);
dayOfWeek = CFAbsoluteTimeGetDayOfWeek (absTime, NULL);
printf("Week of the year for %d-%d-%d is %ld\n", gregDate.month,, gregDate.year, weekOfYear);
printf("Day of the week for %d-%d-%d is %ld\n", gregDate.month,, gregDate.year, dayOfWeek);
return true;
int main (int argc, const char** argv)
check_date_constructors ();
check_date_comparison ();
check_gregorian_dates ();
return 0;