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# Copyright (C) 1993 Theodore Ts'o. This file may be redistributed
# under the terms of the GNU Public License.
command_table extent_cmds;
request do_current_node, "Current extent node",
current_node, current;
request do_root_node, "Goto root extent",
root_node, root;
request do_last_leaf, "Goto last leaf",
request do_first_sib, "Goto first sibling",
first_sibling, first_sib;
request do_last_sib, "Goto last sibling",
last_sibling, last_sib;
request do_next_sib, "Goto next sibling",
next_sibling, next_sib, ns;
request do_prev_sib, "Goto previous sibling",
prev_sibling, prev_sib, ps;
request do_next_leaf, "Goto next leaf",
next_leaf, nl;
request do_prev_leaf, "Goto previous leaf",
prev_leaf, pl;
request do_next, "Goto next node",
next, n;
request do_prev, "Goto previous node",
previous, prev, p;
request do_up, "Up node",
up_node, up, u;
request do_down, "Down node",
down_node, down, d;
request do_delete_node, "Delete node",
delete_node, delete;
request do_insert_node, "Insert node",
insert_node, insert;
request do_split_node, "Split node",
split_node, split;
request do_fix_parents, "Fix parents",
fix_parents, fixp;
request do_set_bmap, "Set block mapping",
request do_replace_node, "Insert node",
replace_node, replace;
request do_print_all, "Iterate over all nodes and print them",
print_all, all;
request do_goto_block, "Goto extent containing specified block",
goto_block, goto;
request do_info, "Print extent info",
request do_extent_close, "Close extent handle",
extent_close, ec;