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Add new options -l and -L, to append to and modify the bad-blocks list.
Fix bugs in bad-block cloning.
Clean up e2fsck and library to be clean even when compiling with full
warnings enabled.
Make e2fsck deal with zero-length directories correctly.
Deleted inodes from old ext2fs code (inodes with dtime set but
non-zero link count) are detected, and the user is given the
opportunity to clear them.
The last bit in the last group of the block bitmap badding was not
being checked; now fixed.
The free_blocks and free_inodes count in the last group weren't being
checked. Now fixed.
Fixed bugs with root reallocation; previously the parent pointers in
the dirinfo structure would get corrupted, causing many different '..'
links to be wrong. Also, the inode link count for the root directory
wasn't always being set correctly. (All of this would be fixed on
the second e2fsck, however).
Fixed to recognize filesystem corruption caused by mke2fs 0.2b (where
/ and /lost+found had non-zero dtime entries). Offers to fix /'s
dtime entry.
e2fsck will now expand the /lost+found directory if it runs out of room.
Fixed dependency on BLOCK_SIZE in pass2. e2fsck will now handle 4k
filesystems w/o problems.
e2fsck will now move bad blocks found in the inode bitmaps, block
bitmaps, and in the inode tables. (Can't handle bad blocks found in
the superblock and the group descriptors.) (Doesn't update alternate
superblocks, group descriptors.)
e2fsck now supports the -b option, to allow a user to specify an
alternate superblock.
The -B option now specifies the blocksize of the filesystem. (If not
specified, and the -b option is specified, e2fsck will attempt to
search through various blocksizes to find the correct one.)
Added manual page.