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# Standard e2fsprogs prologue....
srcdir = @srcdir@
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
top_builddir = ..
my_dir = ext2ed
PROGS= ext2ed
MANPAGES= ext2ed.8
DOC_DIR = $datadir/doc/ext2ed
LIBS = -lncurses $(LIBEXT2FS)
SRCS= $(srcdir)/main.c $(srcdir)/init.c $(srcdir)/general_com.c \
$(srcdir)/inode_com.c $(srcdir)/dir_com.c $(srcdir)/super_com.c \
$(srcdir)/disk.c $(srcdir)/win.c $(srcdir)/group_com.c \
$(srcdir)/file_com.c $(srcdir)/blockbitmap_com.c \
$(srcdir)/ext2_com.c $(srcdir)/inodebitmap_com.c
OBJS= main.o init.o general_com.o inode_com.o dir_com.o super_com.o \
disk.o win.o group_com.o file_com.o blockbitmap_com.o ext2_com.o \
DOCS= doc/ext2ed-design.pdf doc/user-guide.pdf doc/ext2fs-overview.pdf \
doc/ext2ed-design.html doc/user-guide.html doc/ext2fs-overview.html
$(CC) -c $(ALL_CFLAGS) $< -o $@
.SUFFIXES: .sgml .ps .pdf .html
mkdir -p doc
sgmltools -b ps $<
-mv `echo $< | sed -e 's/.sgml$$/.ps/'` $@
mkdir -p doc
sgmltools -b pdf $<
-mv `echo $< | sed -e 's/.sgml$$/.pdf/'` $@
mkdir -p doc
sgmltools -b onehtml $<
-mv `echo $< | sed -e 's/.sgml$$/.html/'` $@
all:: $(PROGS) $(MANPAGES) ext2ed.conf
docs: $(DOCS)
ext2ed: $(OBJS)
$(CC) $(ALL_LDFLAGS) -o ext2ed $(OBJS) $(LIBS)
ext2ed.8: $(DEP_SUBSTITUTE) $(srcdir)/
$(SUBSTITUTE_UPTIME) $(srcdir)/ ext2ed.8
ext2ed.conf: $(DEP_SUBSTITUTE) $(srcdir)/
$(SUBSTITUTE_UPTIME) $(srcdir)/ ext2ed.conf
$(RM) -f ext2ed $(OBJS) $(DOCS) ext2ed.conf ext2ed.8
-rmdir doc
install: ext2ed
install -d $(root_sysconfdir)
install -m 755 ext2ed $(sbindir)
install -m 644 $(srcdir)/ext2.descriptors $(datadir)
install -m 644 ext2ed.conf $(root_sysconfdir)
install -m 644 ext2ed.8 $(man8dir)
# +++ Dependency line eater +++
# Makefile dependencies follow. This must be the last section in
# the file
main.o: $(srcdir)/main.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
general_com.o: $(srcdir)/general_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
inode_com.o: $(srcdir)/inode_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
dir_com.o: $(srcdir)/dir_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
super_com.o: $(srcdir)/super_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
disk.o: $(srcdir)/disk.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
win.o: $(srcdir)/win.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
group_com.o: $(srcdir)/group_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
file_com.o: $(srcdir)/file_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
blockbitmap_com.o: $(srcdir)/blockbitmap_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
ext2_com.o: $(srcdir)/ext2_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h
inodebitmap_com.o: $(srcdir)/inodebitmap_com.c $(srcdir)/ext2ed.h