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* imap_err.c:
* This file is automatically generated; please do not edit it.
#include <stdlib.h>
#define N_(a) a
static const char * const text[] = {
N_( "System I/O error"),
N_( "Permission denied"),
N_( "Over quota"),
N_( "Too many user flags in mailbox"),
N_( "Mailbox has an invalid format"),
N_( "Operation is not supported on mailbox"),
N_( "Mailbox does not exist"),
N_( "Mailbox already exists"),
N_( "Invalid mailbox name"),
N_( "Mailbox is locked by POP server"),
N_( "Unknown/invalid partition"),
N_( "Invalid identifier"),
N_( "Message contains NUL characters"),
N_( "Message contains bare newlines"),
N_( "Message contains non-ASCII characters in headers"),
N_( "Message contains invalid header"),
N_( "Message has no header/body separator"),
N_( "Quota root does not exist"),
N_( "Unrecognized character set"),
N_( "Invalid user"),
N_( "Login incorrect"),
N_( "Anonymous login is not permitted"),
N_( "Unsupported quota resource"),
N_( "Mailbox is over quota"),
N_( "Mailbox is at %d%% of quota"),
N_( "Message %d no longer exists"),
N_( "Unable to checkpoint \\Seen state"),
N_( "Unable to preserve \\Seen state"),
N_( "LOGOUT received"),
N_( "Completed"),
struct error_table {
char const * const * msgs;
long base;
int n_msgs;
struct et_list {
struct et_list *next;
const struct error_table * table;
extern struct et_list *_et_list;
const struct error_table et_imap_error_table = { text, -1904809472L, 30 };
static struct et_list link = { 0, 0 };
void initialize_imap_error_table_r(struct et_list **list);
void initialize_imap_error_table(void);
void initialize_imap_error_table(void) {
/* For Heimdal compatibility */
void initialize_imap_error_table_r(struct et_list **list)
struct et_list *et, **end;
for (end = list, et = *list; et; end = &et->next, et = et->next)
if (et->table->msgs == text)
et = malloc(sizeof(struct et_list));
if (et == 0) {
if (!link.table)
et = &link;
et->table = &et_imap_error_table;
et->next = 0;
*end = et;