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* bmap64.h --- 64-bit bitmap structure
* Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Theodore Ts'o.
* %Begin-Header%
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Public
* License.
* %End-Header%
struct ext2_bmap_statistics {
int type;
struct timeval created;
unsigned long copy_count;
unsigned long resize_count;
unsigned long mark_count;
unsigned long unmark_count;
unsigned long test_count;
unsigned long mark_ext_count;
unsigned long unmark_ext_count;
unsigned long test_ext_count;
unsigned long set_range_count;
unsigned long get_range_count;
unsigned long clear_count;
blk64_t last_marked;
blk64_t last_tested;
blk64_t mark_back;
blk64_t test_back;
unsigned long mark_seq;
unsigned long test_seq;
#endif /* BMAP_STATS_OPS */
struct ext2fs_struct_generic_bitmap {
errcode_t magic;
ext2_filsys fs;
struct ext2_bitmap_ops *bitmap_ops;
int flags;
__u64 start, end;
__u64 real_end;
int cluster_bits;
char *description;
void *private;
errcode_t base_error_code;
struct ext2_bmap_statistics stats;
#define EXT2FS_IS_32_BITMAP(bmap) \
(((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_GENERIC_BITMAP) || \
((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_BLOCK_BITMAP) || \
((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_INODE_BITMAP))
#define EXT2FS_IS_64_BITMAP(bmap) \
(((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_GENERIC_BITMAP64) || \
((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_BLOCK_BITMAP64) || \
((bmap)->magic == EXT2_ET_MAGIC_INODE_BITMAP64))
struct ext2_bitmap_ops {
int type;
/* Generic bmap operators */
errcode_t (*new_bmap)(ext2_filsys fs, ext2fs_generic_bitmap bmap);
void (*free_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap);
errcode_t (*copy_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap src,
ext2fs_generic_bitmap dest);
errcode_t (*resize_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 new_end,
__u64 new_real_end);
/* bit set/test operators */
int (*mark_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap, __u64 arg);
int (*unmark_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap, __u64 arg);
int (*test_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap, __u64 arg);
void (*mark_bmap_extent)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap, __u64 arg,
unsigned int num);
void (*unmark_bmap_extent)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap, __u64 arg,
unsigned int num);
int (*test_clear_bmap_extent)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 arg, unsigned int num);
errcode_t (*set_bmap_range)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 start, size_t num, void *in);
errcode_t (*get_bmap_range)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 start, size_t num, void *out);
void (*clear_bmap)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap);
void (*print_stats)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap);
/* Find the first zero bit between start and end, inclusive.
* May be NULL, in which case a generic function is used. */
errcode_t (*find_first_zero)(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 start, __u64 end, __u64 *out);
extern struct ext2_bitmap_ops ext2fs_blkmap64_bitarray;
extern struct ext2_bitmap_ops ext2fs_blkmap64_rbtree;