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* ext2fsP.h --- private header file for ext2 library
* Copyright (C) 1997 Theodore Ts'o.
* %Begin-Header%
* This file may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Library
* General Public License, version 2.
* %End-Header%
#include "ext2fs.h"
* Badblocks list
struct ext2_struct_u32_list {
int magic;
int num;
int size;
__u32 *list;
int badblocks_flags;
struct ext2_struct_u32_iterate {
int magic;
ext2_u32_list bb;
int ptr;
* Directory block iterator definition
struct ext2_struct_dblist {
int magic;
ext2_filsys fs;
unsigned long long size;
unsigned long long count;
int sorted;
struct ext2_db_entry2 * list;
* For directory iterators
struct dir_context {
ext2_ino_t dir;
int flags;
char *buf;
int (*func)(ext2_ino_t dir,
int entry,
struct ext2_dir_entry *dirent,
int offset,
int blocksize,
char *buf,
void *priv_data);
void *priv_data;
errcode_t errcode;
* Inode cache structure
struct ext2_inode_cache {
void * buffer;
blk64_t buffer_blk;
int cache_last;
int cache_size;
int refcount;
struct ext2_inode_cache_ent *cache;
struct ext2_inode_cache_ent {
ext2_ino_t ino;
struct ext2_inode inode;
/* Function prototypes */
extern int ext2fs_process_dir_block(ext2_filsys fs,
blk64_t *blocknr,
e2_blkcnt_t blockcnt,
blk64_t ref_block,
int ref_offset,
void *priv_data);
/* Generic numeric progress meter */
struct ext2fs_numeric_progress_struct {
__u64 max;
int log_max;
int skip_progress;
extern void ext2fs_numeric_progress_init(ext2_filsys fs,
struct ext2fs_numeric_progress_struct * progress,
const char *label, __u64 max);
extern void ext2fs_numeric_progress_update(ext2_filsys fs,
struct ext2fs_numeric_progress_struct * progress,
__u64 val);
extern void ext2fs_numeric_progress_close(ext2_filsys fs,
struct ext2fs_numeric_progress_struct * progress,
const char *message);
* 64-bit bitmap support
extern errcode_t ext2fs_alloc_generic_bmap(ext2_filsys fs, errcode_t magic,
int type, __u64 start, __u64 end,
__u64 real_end,
const char * description,
ext2fs_generic_bitmap *bmap);
extern void ext2fs_free_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bmap);
extern errcode_t ext2fs_copy_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap src,
ext2fs_generic_bitmap *dest);
extern errcode_t ext2fs_resize_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bmap,
__u64 new_end,
__u64 new_real_end);
extern errcode_t ext2fs_fudge_generic_bmap_end(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
errcode_t neq,
__u64 end, __u64 *oend);
extern int ext2fs_mark_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 arg);
extern int ext2fs_unmark_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 arg);
extern int ext2fs_test_generic_bmap(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 arg);
extern errcode_t ext2fs_set_generic_bmap_range(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 start, unsigned int num,
void *in);
extern errcode_t ext2fs_get_generic_bmap_range(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,
__u64 start, unsigned int num,
void *out);
extern void ext2fs_warn_bitmap32(ext2fs_generic_bitmap bitmap,const char *func);
extern int ext2fs_mem_is_zero(const char *mem, size_t len);
extern int ext2fs_file_block_offset_too_big(ext2_filsys fs,
struct ext2_inode *inode,
blk64_t offset);